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Jama 3D Maze
Author: Kramy Submitted: 3rd March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 365

Hi, this is the first game I've ever submitted to TDC.

This is basically a First-Person-Shooter engine without the person or the shooter. Currently you can run around up and down, here and there, everywhere. It's one big maze without any fall damage.

The controls are:
Up: Move Forward
Down: Move Backward
Left: Move Left
Right: Move Right
PageUp: Look Up(Use on slopes)
PageDown: Look Down(Use on slopes)

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Posted by Ashman 4th March, 2004

Cram it Kramy. lol nah, this is actually pretty well done. Kinda boring I would have put some graffiti up or something.
Posted by DuckTape 4th March, 2004

Well done.Would be nice to see you taking this further. ;)
Posted by AndyUK 4th March, 2004

its a good start what did you use to make this by the way?
Posted by Tongs 4th March, 2004

Cool. :D
Posted by Deviant 4th March, 2004

to Andyuk: probably um..Jamagic?
Posted by Deviant 4th March, 2004

nicely made Kramy! :) hope to c more from you. :)
Posted by Kramy 5th March, 2004

Ashman: Oh man, you gave me a compliment, YOU!! Graffiti is a good idea. DuckTape: I have plans to add Jumping, some better gravity, and a maze editor sometime in the future. Andyuk: Jamagic Thanks everyone! :)
Posted by vortex2 5th March, 2004

Cool :) very nice, I look forward to seeing more :).
Posted by X_Sheep 5th March, 2004

Add some endless pits too ;) Hope to see more.
Posted by X_Sheep 5th March, 2004

Hmm... the character should automatically look up or down on a slope... and add a different ceiling too :P
Posted by Airflow 5th March, 2004

automatically? that would be horrible. Mouse look is the way to go. Looks very well done. :) You've earn't all these smiely faces. :)
Posted by AndyUK 5th March, 2004

jamagic eh? It didnt seem so obvious yesterday.:)
Posted by Penguin Seph 5th March, 2004

*Jaw hits floor*
Posted by Kramy 5th March, 2004

Thanks! :) X_Sheep: I was planning on adding a slight(roughly 1/4 90degree) angle adjust for on slopes, so you don't have to press pageup/page down if you're lazy. :D Right now if you're lazy you just stare at the bricks. :P However, that won't be for a little while. Right now I'm working on professional wall-sliding. It works flawlessly at the moment, except when you fall into the pit. XD Then for some reason you can look through walls you walk up to, but that hopefully won't take too long to fix. Wizard Games: I'm not sure if you're amazed at this engine or Andyuk. :P
Posted by Mr Icekirby 5th March, 2004

i wish i could use jamagic... it seems to just loop you in circles forever though, is there an 'end' somewhere?
Posted by Kramy 6th March, 2004

IceKirby: Not yet, though I will add one once I complete another chunk of the engine.
Posted by Simon Colmer 7th March, 2004

looks kool, how long did it take to make? (i think you should attempt a level editor)
Posted by GoMoogles 7th March, 2004

You're well on your way to making a nice 1st person shooter!
Posted by Kramy 8th March, 2004

It took me 2 days to make the engine, and one hour for the level. Now though I'm fairly stumped on something. I can have the player slide across the wall fine, but whenever you run directly at a corner you can look through it. :P I'll figure it out sooner or later. :)
Posted by Kramy 8th March, 2004

Thanks Moogles!
Posted by Airflow 10th March, 2004

Kramy, mabye the camera is too far ahead of your player co-ords ?
Posted by Kramy 10th March, 2004

Dr Evil Face: I don't think so. Once you walk into a 270 corner you can slide right through the walls. In a few days I'll try an idea I have to fix it. It involves lots of coordinate testing though. XD
Posted by tdc052621 10th March, 2004

if you like making 3d stuff use lightwave 3d
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 12th March, 2004

Add some monsters and make Pac-Man 3D!
Posted by Kris 14th March, 2004

looks nice, I agree with the 'mouse look' idea
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 14th March, 2004

Why not to make a nice 1st person shooter with terrorists, who are fighting on a labyrinth? Or a shotgun, bunch of monsters and more blood? And what you think of Pac-Man 3D? Pac-Man is a classic, and it fits with this labyrinth, and those "pits" are just made for spikes! So, think about one of these.
Posted by Keatonian 15th May, 2004

You need to throw it into 3rd person or add mouse look and strafing. I feel so, restricted... Also, make it obvious where you are and where you have been by adding landmarks
Posted by Darien 24th December, 2004

editors should be build first. a level-editor a texture editor a character/monster editor a a.i. editor for the monsters a item-editor and then from those factors a succesfull game could be made. a wolfenstein 3d stile only with more demension. That would be kewl! Good luck.





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