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Simon the monkey 2 (demo)
Author: Zane Submitted: 30th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 206

Edited By Zane on 4/25/2004

A demo of my forthcoming game simon the monkey 2.
It has 2 levels, though the first one is a bit short. it was a little rushed as i was trying to get it out in time for the KU compo.

has a custom platform movement.

anyway, have fun.

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Posted by Smeggy 30th March, 2004

I hope its better than the previous game, we'll soon see.. Btw, are you entering the compo? You don't have long left..
Posted by Zane 30th March, 2004

yes im entering the compo, i just sent the e-mail
Posted by Dr. James MD 30th March, 2004

dammit if i was staying online longer id download this but i loved the first game so this can only be better :) it definately looks better
Posted by Smeggy 30th March, 2004

It is a big improvement BUT, several things need sorting, like the presentation for example.
Posted by Cazra 30th March, 2004

arg! Stupid freewebs! XD
Posted by Capnzippy - (Smegsoft) 30th March, 2004

Looks very good. A little bit buggy (I turned semi-transparent and fell to my doom without dying? XD) Also, his head changes size when he goes from looking forward to left/right... :P
Posted by Zane 30th March, 2004

yer, like i said, it was inda rushed towards the end in order to get it out in time for the compo, its the price i pay for being lazy for two weeks. and presentations never been my strong point. yes, freewebs do suck. thats why im entering the compo
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th March, 2004

Cool! I liked the first one, the second one looks better. I might have to download it at my house though. I'm at a friends house, and there computer is so slow, it made this download 20 minuites! :P
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 31st March, 2004

here: good link
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 31st March, 2004

btw, thats another mirror too simon the monkey 2, just incase noone figured that out.
Posted by Dr. James MD 31st March, 2004

why not ask Caz if you could use her server for uploading stuff? tis an idea :)
Posted by Zane 31st March, 2004

caz has got a server!!! she never told me
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 31st March, 2004

Who is this Caz? Tell me!!!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 31st March, 2004

This game isn't that bad, really. Theres not much in the presentiation, but the levels are pretty well desgined. The graphics are pretty good. But the engine needs a lot of work (not saying that my engines come out good! :P) Sometimes I float and then fall into an endless void of DOOM. Anyway, well done, and good luck. :)
Posted by Zane 31st March, 2004

caz is my sister, jay's girlfriend. the falling to your doom thing is where the code hasent copyed and pasted properly to the second level. thanks for your feedback :)
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 1st April, 2004

Oh, I thought Caz was capnzippy, it was funny till it ended, cuz it seemed everyone was saying zippy as a a "she."
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 1st April, 2004

the engine actually is very good, but the walking up the slope bug and the falling death bug, so yah but the title could've been worked on a tad more.
Posted by Smeggy 2nd April, 2004

Its funny how Jay despises great games such as Milber 2, and favours games such as this. O_o No offence Zane XD
Posted by Zane 2nd April, 2004

hes a man of taste;)
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 2nd April, 2004

The game is pretty nice, but why does the download take so long? Is it my comp?
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 2nd April, 2004

Milber 2 is a terrible, over-hyped game made by a punk-ass bitch with no talent, Rhysd uses hamish's terrible platform engine.
Posted by Zane 3rd April, 2004

dont worry, the download is so slow because it is on freewebs. its not your computer:)
Posted by Airflow 10th April, 2004

Wow This looks like a major improvment over the first. Even if you do say It was rushed. (What happened to the Darkbasic Viewtiful joe type idea?) -D/ling.
Posted by Zane 10th April, 2004

the dark basic viewtiful joe idea. i made a basic engien of it, and a rather bad 3dmodel of simon. i might make it into a game eventually, but ive got a few things to finish first. Believe it or not, this is now an award winning demo. it won me the KU comp.
Posted by Airflow 15th April, 2004

I'd believe that. :) Any chance of it being finished any time soon?
Posted by Zane 15th April, 2004

late august.
Posted by Zane 25th April, 2004

no longer on freewebs, its on my new server





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