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Return of the Exterminator
Author: Zane Submitted: 11th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 177

Edited By nez powrie on 9/13/2003

Edited By nez powrie on 9/13/2003

Edited By nez powrie on 9/13/2003

A shooting platformer game. It the sequal to "The Exterminator", which was one of the first games I made
There is no story. Its is avrey simple platform shooting game. you simply have to shoot all the enimys on the level.
You need quite a high resolution to play it.
At least 1024-768

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Posted by Stian B. 12th September, 2003

Some more info and PICTURES would been nice before i download it.
Posted by istvan 13th September, 2003

this game converts very poorly to my WinXP, half of it gets cut off. GFX leave much to the imagination and sound is pop song midis. doesnt use custom movement and has no feasable story. this is poor by klik n play standards. fraid this one gets my thunbs down.
Posted by Zane 13th September, 2003

1-"has no feasable story" SO? its not supposed to 2-"doesnt use custom movement" Who cares. Why dose it need one. 3-"GFX leave much to the imagination" Ive seen alot worse. 4-"sound is pop song midis" Dose it really matter. Im not very good at writeing music and these do the same job. It seems to me like your being rather fussey.
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th September, 2003

no, he's being rather correct. please listen to people's advice rather than just throwing it back in their faces.
Posted by istvan 14th September, 2003

listen nez im giving you contructive critism, would you prefer it if i just sed,'your games' shit!'? im happy to help people improve games by reviewing them and giving advice, but in this case i saw nothing original and nothing for a basis to improve apon. and ive you think im fussy than thats your opinion, but remember im the one who wasted my time downloading a game with no screenshots, no great discription, no hype and no kind of rating or review. cheers istvan
Posted by Zane 15th September, 2003

ok, mabey I over-reacted a bit.
Posted by istvan 16th September, 2003

there is potential however, keep kliking ;)
Posted by Metal Maiden 17th September, 2003

Crap, I was gonna try this out but the downlaod's too slow right now. I can see a good game past what everyone else has to say! I'll try it out soon.
Posted by Zane 17th September, 2003

The download always seems to be slow. I think its just freewebs. Mabey I should find a better file host.





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