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Diablo RPG
Author: Rogue Submitted: 1st April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 315

Edited By Rogue on 9/28/2005


I made a game based in some way on the Diablo II game.

You can choose between 2 difficulty, Softcore and Hardcore.
-Softcore, when you die, you lose 50%xp and 50%golds
-Hardcore,when you die, you must restart the game, just
like Diablo II.

There is no scenario, you are someone, the little square in the map, and you must kill the monsters, help people for quests, and level up. The fights against the monsters are like Final Fantasy series, except that the monsters are visible on the map. There are 4 “field” places, a town and one 'dungeon'.

The monsters are monsters from Diablo II.This game is not based on graphics pretty much, and this is only a demo.
For the moment, you can buy 3 weapons, 1 helmet, 1 armor, and 2 shields, and there are drops you can get from killing the 3 bosses.

You cannot use 2 weapons at once yet, but I might add this in the next version.
You can use 6 different skills, you have no class/race, and each skill can be leveled up to 5.

Do not forget, it’s only a demo. In the next version, if some people are interested, I will add levels, monsters, items, etc.

I hope you will like the game at least a little, feel free to give constructive comments = .

-Save ( you can only save while in town )
-No sound ( maybe later )
-Left click to pick and right clik to drop
-Right click once on an object to see its description
-Press 1234or5 to use your potions

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 (3.11mb )

Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 2nd April, 2004

its neat and has promise, but its hard to not just give up all hope on when you begin... it needs something to make it addictive
Posted by Rogue 2nd April, 2004

Thanks for your comment, do you have any idea of what I could do to make it more interesting?
Posted by Nerevar 3rd April, 2004

This game is good!!!
Posted by Dr. James MD 3rd April, 2004

i like this!
Posted by Zane 3rd April, 2004

I dont think ive ever seen a klik game quite like this, its pritty cool. reminds me of this old text adventure i had once. i might review it when ive played it a bit more
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 3rd April, 2004

Well, it is alot like Rogue, rogue, lol a fan of old, simple DnD adventure games eh? This is great stuff, really origonal for a click game.
Posted by Rogue 3rd April, 2004

Thx for your comments! Zane : it would be cool if you could review it =)
Posted by Zane 4th April, 2004

ill get round to it soon ;)
Posted by chrilley 4th April, 2004

Ripped graphics................. =|
Posted by Rogue 4th April, 2004

Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 4th April, 2004

Posted by mon 5th April, 2004

this game is da bomb
Posted by Killerjedi 7th April, 2004

When I first saw this, I was pissed. I thought it would be terrible... Boy, was I wrong! This is one of the best click games I've ever played, and extremely fun at that. When will you make more?!!? I must have more acts! Races! Items! Stuff! Need more game! ... Addicted... Awesome... Game... *Cries because it's over already*
Posted by Killerjedi 7th April, 2004

Oh yeah, um, I did happen to notice a nasty bug. After saving/exiting, your inventory is not saved! Thankfully all I had in there was a few potions, but still... Saving basically saves your quest completions, belt, equipment and stats. I hope you can/will fix this soon. It's a scary bug in an otherwise amazing game.
Posted by Rogue 7th April, 2004

Thx again for your comments =) Killerjedi : I will probably continue the game but i can't tell you when it will be finished , i have really no idea :( . If you have some suggestions feel free to email me or post here .
Posted by Biteg 7th April, 2004

Good RPG engine. A little confusing at first, but I got into it.
Posted by Nick Heffner 9th April, 2004

Nothing in zip file when downloaded. Is it just my computer or what? :(
Posted by RPG4Lif3 9th April, 2004

awww man... hey rouge, is it ok if u send me the cncs32.dll file? i don't have it. just send it to my e-mail at or in TDC, i don't really care... if u do it, thx a whole alot
Posted by Rogue 9th April, 2004

Nick : try to redownload the game . It should work. RPG4Lif3 :
Posted by RPG4Lif3 11th April, 2004

Thx for the dll file, beat the game in a few minutes. very cool game!! :) Suggestions: -Make traveling longer so game would last longer -More weapons/armor/items -Optional events/quests (would be very cool... with reward of course) -More skills (try making it up) -Fix the inventory box... Very Cool game by the way...yet again
Posted by RPG4Lif3 11th April, 2004

Press 1 if you think he SHOULD make it an MMORPG :) Press 2 if you think he SHOULD NOT make it an MMORPG :( should...SHOULD (should capitalized looks kinda weird for some reason...)
Posted by Ichimanichisen-hyakujuichi 12th April, 2004

1!!! 1!!! 1!!! I choose 1!!! Great game :)
Posted by Rogue 12th April, 2004

Yes I'm working on it, I will put more stuff, quests, etc ... .I have added classes. thx for your suggestions I will take notes ;) ( I don't have enough TGF knowledge to make it online sorry :( )
Posted by RPG4Lif3 14th April, 2004

Its ok, i don't een know how to MAKE a game...never tried... not even a 2d sprite... lol..
Posted by RPG4Lif3 14th April, 2004

BTW, Can i be tester? (I will try to find any bugs, if any) Wow, classes... I can tell this is gonna be GOTW cuz there isn't a lot of RPGs ya know?
Posted by Rogue 18th April, 2004

I already have a tester , but if he need help to test I will contact you . thx =)
Posted by RPG4Lif3 20th April, 2004

thats cool
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 26th April, 2004

I haven't downloaded that game yet, but, when you are ready to do a bigger release consider making some original graphics, i say this from experience, my game got critised BAD for having ripped graphics, so dont make that mistake ;)
Posted by Jesse James Verive 17th May, 2004

THis game is great.I am level 6 right now,and on the 3rd quest.Let me know when the next version coms out.I would like you too add classes though.
Posted by KlikFactory 18th May, 2004

So Rogue, if you read this... how's the game going?
Posted by Rogue 26th May, 2004

Small update on you can download the updated demo (abandoned)
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 27th June, 2004

When is diablo rpg2 finnished?
Posted by Rogue 14th July, 2004

I'm not working on Drpg2 for now, but I might get back to it, so I can't say when it will be finished. It would be better to wait for some news from me, even if it might take a while... =(
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 22nd July, 2004

But when are u gonna work on it again? Cant u PM me when u start working on it?
Posted by Rogue 26th July, 2004

Yes I could, but why you want to know that ? ;) I have updated ScreenShots from Diablo RPG 2 ( ) I think this is a bit better.
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 27th July, 2004

I like the game and i want something to look forward for ;)
Posted by Rogue 27th July, 2004

This nice that you like the game ;), but for now I can't tell you when it will be finished. I have beginning the game but I lost interest to continue because of others RPG's like Moon Minions ... those RPG are 100 times better than mine ! For the moment I don't know if I will continue DiabloRPG 2 =(
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 29th July, 2004

I thing this game rocks, and i relly think u shuold begin working on this game again. I love it i'm sure more pepole like it as much as i do. :)
Posted by Rogue 29th July, 2004

Ty Nothingok, I will probably continue the game ... but people don't really like ripped gfx ( Diablo stuff ) =(.Some info about Drpg2: - Classes ( barb,Sorc,Assa) - Combat against several monsters at same time - Maybe some allies - Much more of stuffs - ect...
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 2nd August, 2004

K, But make new stuff instead of usind diablo's. Maybe i can help u.
Posted by Rogue 2nd August, 2004

I will continue with Diablo stuff ... but if I make a new RPG in the futur I will probably do not use this again. I can't make my own gfx :( How you can help me ?
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 4th August, 2004

Making "ugly" gfx! :D
Posted by Rogue 4th August, 2004

lol! I will see if i need help on my next game ;) .. thx
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 5th August, 2004

U are welcome.
Posted by Devernath 5th February, 2005

this game is confusing. how do u play this?
Posted by 555 16th May, 2005

un peu zarb le jeu !





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