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South Park: Omega Project
Author: Bo Fu Submitted: 4th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 191

Edited By Bo Fu on 4/4/2004

Edited By Bo Fu on 4/4/2004

I've submitted this thing several times. First time I mistyped the URL, second time the server went down after I submitted it. If this doesn't work, I'm going to go insane.

An old (as in - I won't be editing it any time soon) game I worked on with my ex. Yes, it's a South Park fangame. TURN AWAY NOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE FANGAMES OF ANY TYPE.

Sprites (character graphics and such) are original, while textures are from internet sources, hand-drawn, or (in one case) a library. The music is all original except for one MIDI that snuck its way into a boss level.

Anyway, there are some neat features - like conveyor belts, useless toggleable lights, headshots, and an original (but, to be honest, somewhat buggy) engine.

The game play is pretty cool - yes, Wendy moves slow, but then again, so do the enemies, so if I get one entry about Wendy moving too slow, I'll either ignore you or blow up, depending on my mood. There are three enemies to fight and five bosses, through about sixteen levels. You can shoot your opponents or stab them.

Alternate download URL: (the server will not always be up)

EDIT: Think Tank was the other half of the duo. She died, so obviously will not be answering e-mails. I, on the other hand, have a different e-mail, so send comments to me through DC.

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Posted by 4th April, 2004

why wendy? If I recall shes not the most popular character of the series. Hell, shes not popular at all.
Posted by Bo Fu 4th April, 2004

Because back then, I thought she was cool. Besides, her character's much more likely (though still very unlikely) to wield a knife or gun than the others. You'd be surprised by the number of people e-mailing me to this day saying, "Thanks for making a game about Wendy."
Posted by Muggus 5th April, 2004

Who cares if they use the most popular character in the series anyway man?
Posted by Dr. James MD 5th April, 2004

who cares indeed
Posted by 5th April, 2004

It would make more sense, but who cares...
Posted by Bo Fu 5th April, 2004

Yeah, but when you're competing with SPy, nobody really seems to care. :P
Posted by Max 5th April, 2004

Burn, Evil Tweek, burn! He's evil, evil I say! Muhahahaw! Apart from his presence, it's a really cool game. Really, if it weren't for him, this game would be a classic, whether we're talking about fan games or home-made games in general. :)
Posted by istvan 6th April, 2004

If this is so old I might remember it...I started out kliking years back when I used to make regular visits to SP fangame sites, its so long ago I barely even remember it...I think SP fangames are the only ones Ive ever enjoyed. SP Ice Hockey comes to mind...will download!
Posted by Bo Fu 6th April, 2004

Evil Tweek was a last minute addition. Looking back, he was just there to make the game longer (but he's easy to kill - once you figure out how to avoid his minigun). However, when you do kill him, you're treated with a, in my opinion, very funny cutscene.
Posted by AndyUK 6th April, 2004

cut scene eh? click games could do with a few more of those.
Posted by Bo Fu 6th April, 2004

I agree. Love cutscenes. And I love short ones. And skippable ones.





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