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SPOP2 Engine Test/Zoo Level
Author: Bo Fu Submitted: 11th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 233

Edited By Bo Fu on 5/13/2004

Edited By Bo Fu on 5/12/2004

WARNING: South Park fangame (original graphics, aside from the default Text Blitter font).

This is a little alpha test of South Park: Omega Project 2, currently with only just one enemy and one weapon (pistol).

Generally, I don't like "engine tests" that are really just to show off the flashy stuff that an engine can do. This one is more of a diagnostic - I want to hear, honestly, what people have to say about the engine - what changes I should make, what features I should add, etc. WHILE I'm still designing the engine. Eventually, this engine will have advanced scrolling - it already has support for moving elevators, slopes, conveyor belts, and such.

Here's what the game features so far:

-360 degree aiming for both player and AI (player aims with the mouse)
-Enemy will move to try to get a better shot at you
-Inventory items, such as soda (speeds you up), medkits, armor
-Multiple activator-to-function capabilities (as in, multiple switches for a door or multiple doors for a switch)
-Original MP3 music (the finished game will come in two versions - one with MIDI music and one with MP3 music - the songs will be the same but quality and file size will differ)*
-Fully functional status bar (courtesy of Text Blitter)
-Fading corpses, dissolving blood
-Mini-map, more features will be implemented (thanks Tigerworks)

You will need bass.dll in your Windows/System directory. The ZIP file's big enough as it is - one tiny DLL makes all the difference in the world sometimes.

Anyway, please give me any suggestions you have. Chances are, after this game, I will apply this engine to an original venture. This is a vast improvement over the original South Park: Omega Project. Oh, and read the readme - it's pretty handy.

If you get an error with the download or the screenshots don't show up, don't assume the file's gone. The server is mostly reliable, but occasionally it does have downtime, like any other.

The external WAV files are all yours if you really want them. Most of them are from the show or the Internet, though a few of the miscellaneous sounds were mixed by yours truly. The MP3 you can listen to all you want, but I wrote it and have the copyright for the score - not gonna make any money off of this baby, but please don't rip it and claim it to be your own (or not credit me). If you need music, talk to me and I might do you a favor.

*I have decided against MOD/S3M/XM/whatever module style is in vogue these days for music. The complex time signatures (for those of you music nerds - the song in this file is in several key signatures: 7/4, 4/4 15/16, 3/16, and such) are not module friendly.

UPDATE: Thanks to Phizzy and Muggus for noting a jumping bug on slower machines. It's been fixed, and the jump has been changed somewhat. I've updated the layout of the HUD a bit - the armor counter is now in the health panel and a space has been added for keycards. There is now scrolling, forcefields, and a keycard/lock combo. The Readme has been updated to reflect this.

UPDATE 2: Uzi has been added, as well as a new enemy. The download size has been lowered considerably as well - sounds are at a lower quality.

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Posted by Muggus 11th May, 2004 far so good, but I can't get out of that hole bit at the start. She won't jump high enough!
Posted by Bo Fu 11th May, 2004

She jumps pretty high - but areas like that probably won't be in the game anyway. You'll see that it's possible in the screenshots.
Posted by Max 11th May, 2004

Hold the shift key in order to jump higher.
Posted by Bo Fu 11th May, 2004

I used fast loops for the jumping. I tested this out on a 800 mhz Compaq and works fine. What're your specs?
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 11th May, 2004

Niiice game, dude. Good job on the atmosphere too.
Posted by Bo Fu 11th May, 2004

Eh, if not that, then what? It might be the resolution - I'm in the process of adding five resolution modes (320x240, 400x300, 512x384, 600x420, and 640x480, default). That does speed things up noticably. I don't have access to a machine that slow, therefore I have no way of knowing how poorly the game will play on a machine like that. If it continues after I update the game, I'll say to hell with it and use Machine Independent Speed. Still, at 433mhz, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Nonetheless, I'll do what I can. BTW, thanks for the feedback.
Posted by Bo Fu 12th May, 2004

Ahhh, okay. I remember this tutorial - I'll try to integrate it with the jumping I have. Thanks a ton.
Posted by Kaine 12th May, 2004

the gfx look just like the show wich is very nice also i tested it on my 133mhz comp and the jumping works fine.
Posted by Bo Fu 12th May, 2004

Jumping updated, features added. Thanks to Phizzy.
Posted by Bo Fu 12th May, 2004

Did you try changing the resolution? It helps, if only a tiny bit. I might have to add some more options, such as disabling blood and such altogether.
Posted by Bo Fu 13th May, 2004

Yeah, press 1 through 5 to cycle through the resolution modes. 1 is the lowest, 5 is the default one.





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