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South Park: Omega Project 2 Demo
Author: Bo Fu Submitted: 16th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 250

Edited By Bo Fu on 12/16/2004

WARNING: If you are not willing to attempt a fangame, go no further. This game is a fangame in that its characters and concepts are loosely coined from Comedy Central's "South Park." The game can stand on its own merits, but if you are that prejudiced against fangames, then there is no need for you to download this game.

"South Park: Omega Project" was a game my then-girlfriend and I co-produced. It featured Wendy fighting against the extradimensional Omega Cult, which was located in the Evil Parallel Universe. There, Wendy confronted evil versions of herself and all of her friends. Using just her knife and her pistol, Wendy took down the Omega Cult and killed its leader, Evil Wendy.

The demo does include a help file with the story so far, but here it is if you don't want to bother: Wendy is whisked back to the Evil Parallel Universe by the KM Corporation, and she is told that she is needed to retrieve the fabled Omega Artifact from the remnants of the Omega Cult. And so, she is dropped off...

The demo includes all of the weapons, but you have to find the secret cheat code in order to get the ones that don't appear in the levels. I'll give you a hint: they're in the attached .HLP file. And even then, you need to figure out how to activate them. There are two cheat codes I'm "revealing" - God mode and Endless Ammo.

Anyway, some features are:

- 360 degree mouse aiming/firing/reloading
- 9 weapons
- ORIGINAL graphics (save for one explosion, so sue me... but I give credit )
- 4 difficulty levels
- Save/load feature
- Original engine (vastly improved over the "test" version released earlier)
- Original music

Constructive criticism and advice is welcome.

EDIT: I've tweaked with the boss a bit - he was shooting far too seldom. Now he fires a little more - makes the level quite a challenge, especially on "Don't F**k With Me."

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Posted by Felix.S 16th December, 2004

Wicked man :) Keep it up, the only thing that bugs me is sometimes I walk into a wall and I am stuck there for the rest of eternity.
Posted by Marcus F 16th December, 2004

yeah!!.. played the old version AGES ago :).. back when i were clickin.. gotto test this one :)..
Posted by Bo Fu 16th December, 2004

th3_parad0x - glad you like it, but can you tell me what happens when you walk into a wall? I'll try to fix that.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 16th December, 2004

Great game! Of course Wendy is my least-favourite SP character. XD Still, this is coming along smoothly. :)
Posted by AndyUK 17th December, 2004

why use a southpark character for such a gloomy looking game?
Posted by Bo Fu 17th December, 2004

...Because I suck at drawing people, but rule at doing textures, unfortunately.
Posted by Satansboss 17th December, 2004

i like it
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 18th December, 2004

Now i know why the enemies look like monkeys XD
Posted by Dr Zaius_22 18th December, 2004

nice work! my only one problem is that it can hard to jump and shoot at the same time.
Posted by Bo Fu 19th December, 2004

Hopefully, I'll remedy that when I have remappable controls implemented.
Posted by Chris Burrows 21st December, 2004

not bad! but there are a few bugs like how i get stuck in the wall all the time.
Posted by Bo Fu 22nd December, 2004

I have yet to get stuck in a wall. Care to tell me your system specs?
Posted by Bo Fu 22nd December, 2004

Just a request - if you downloaded this and liked it, please vote thumbs up. It's discouraging to see a 50% right there after I slaved my ass off on this and got a bunch of good comments.
Posted by -_darkman_- 29th December, 2004

really good game man,gave it a thumbs up
Posted by Juho Paavola 12th February, 2005

Great game! Rules!





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