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Author: Zsolt Láda Submitted: 13th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 91

Edited By Zsolt Láda on 4/14/2004

Edited By Zsolt Láda on 4/13/2004

Hi! This game is a real platform action game. You have to go with a blond haired man, to save the Earth. Enjoy!
Download more games from my homepage:
You need to know the Hungarian language, in order to download. I'm really sorry for that stupid screenshot.
You're all right It's really bad for the eye.
Well, I want to avoid buying contact lenses for you, so i fixed this problem. Infact, i added new shoots! Enjoy!

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 (8,27mb )

Posted by 13th April, 2004

arrrrgh! thats painful to the eyes!
Posted by Cazra 13th April, 2004

@_@ what's with the screenshot? It burns(I'm talking about that wavy effect)!
Posted by Mutantleg 14th April, 2004

Nem rossz, de azer van egy-ket buga benne :P
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 14th April, 2004

Ahhhg, wtf. Expect a bill for laser eye surgery in your mail box Zusuiolty lady!
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th April, 2004

not every in the world speaks fluent english Phizzy, infact your comment is racist XD umm what is that screenshot doing? heh not a bad game mind u
Posted by Zsolt Láda 14th April, 2004

Sorry about that... I didn't mean to harm your eyes. Sorry, but I didn1t have my screenshoots with me, but now i fixed this problem, and I added new ones two. Enjoy!





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