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Arkanoid 3 Promotion Edition
Author: Zsolt Láda Submitted: 27th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 152

This is the Promotion edition of the Arkanoid 3, that I am still making, and it will be ready in a mather of months.
It has digital music, not just MIDI(that's why it is so large). Wish the TGF woul support MP3...
This verzion had 7 levels in it. Have fun

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Posted by hop 11th June, 2005

I'm guessing you made the music high quality because it's so large. Try to make it lower or no one will download this. Also, some people don't like .rar files.
Posted by Zsolt Láda 13th June, 2005

I know it's a very big sized game. But I didn't have a choice. If I wanted my own music in my own game I had to make them, but The Games Factory doesn't support mp3 -s... only wav -s. So the music files are wav -s, but I dont understand why everybody uses 56K modem in this "modern" world... Geeez...
Posted by hop 13th June, 2005

Use the DMC2 object for mp3s! Search for it on the Daily Click, there's a good article about it. Wavs are huge, no wonder it is so big. Never use them for music.
Posted by Faraz Parsa 16th November, 2006

Wow this was a waste of time...





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