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Mini Quake 3: Ranger Vs Doom
Author: Zsolt Láda Submitted: 25th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 100

Hi there!
This is the newest game I made so far, and now it is yours to download! You don't have to have a network connection, to play against your partner in this game. I've translated
the whole program into english, so you will understand it.
I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with this game, as I had
creating it.

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Posted by Dr. James MD 28th September, 2004

THIRTY MEGABYTES! so shocked i had to write out the full thing. out of my reach
Posted by Joshua M. 1st October, 2004

hey dude, it's 24.8mb, not 30. Thats a difference you know?
Posted by Shahan 14th May, 2005

I have just started downloading it. Will take hours tho...
Posted by norbdog 6th August, 2005

mi a heretik foglal ennyi helyet?? 30mb?
Posted by leilei 3rd January, 2006

this is a piece of crap. the 30mb is used for the .WAV music taken from the game, and the cutscene at the beginning. The game plays worse than most knp games too
Posted by Faraz Parsa 16th November, 2006

You don't say...





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