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Well my game is finally finished. It isn't the greatest game ever - however it is my best game so far, my other games sucked (I am KlikmAster/C-Media - the guy who made those rubbishy GTA games..). I have tried my hardest on this game - and so I hope you like it, even though I know some of you may not. Here is the text taken from the Fantasy-World Readme:

Fantasy-World (Ver 1.02) Read-Me
Created & Written By Gigamesh

1. The Story
2. The Controls
3. The Collectables
4. The Levels
5. About The Game
6. Bugs & FAQs


1 - The Story
It is the year 2050. You live on Planet Earth and are a member of Earth's Air-Force. The skies are full of all sorts of things - gasses and chemicals - that are polluting the Earth. If it wasn't for two special crystals - the Earth wouldn't be here today. These two crystals power a machine to clean the Earth's air - meaning it is pollution free! One day, a crazy Proffessor, makes one of the most powerful robots of all time - this could help Earth in future wars with other planets. However, she needs something to power it. She goes towards the council of Earth - asking them to take part in her project that could help the Earth. The council turn her down saying that the Earth cannot rely entirely on machines. With a temptation to see her robot in action, the proffessor steels the crystals protecting the earth. These crystals are the only things powerful to power her machines. Now she has the power to do almost anything - only you, Earth's most experienced air-force member, can stop what the Professor may cause.


2 - The Controls

Throught the game, you control your ship - eqipped with the latest upgrades for a special air-force member. In total, you have 2 upgrades and a stock weapon.

Stock weapon - Laser - [CTRL]
Upgrade 1 - Flamethrower - [SHIFT]
Upgrade 2 - Rockets - [SPACE]

To move your ship, you simply use the directional arrows.


3 - The Collectables

Throughout the game, there are 3 collectables.
Scattered in all levels are coins. There are blue coins and red coins. Blue coins will give you 100 points, red coins will give you 1000 points. You can exchange points for upgrades throughout the game.

You can also collect a white coin which has a red cross in the middle - this will give you 1 life.


4 - Overall, there are 3 levelsl. The game isn't that long really. Each level is structured like below:

Scene One --> Scene Two --> Boss --> Kev's Shop

There are 2 scenes, and one boss. At Kev's shop, you can exchange points for Upgrades, to help you further on in the game.


So you should get the idea of the game so far - it's very original and how I intended it to be. I am pretty sure there maybe some bugs, so I'd be grateful if you could tell me them.

If you think there is anything I should change or if you have any comments, post them here. If you think I should change anything, I will consider making the changes, and post a newer version on TDC at a later date.

Thanks again,

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Posted by xXAaronXx 15th April, 2004

Interesting game from what I got to play. Right after I beat the first boss it started doing that stupid looping sound error thing and everything froze. Hate when that happens.
Posted by Gilgamesh 16th April, 2004

I normally don't post on this site (I don't like newbies I guess you could say), but... wtf where did you get the name Gigamesh? Yes, my name isn't original and has been used in one of the oldest stories ever written or something like that and also many video games (example: FF5) but uh.. "Gigamesh"? wtf is a Gigamesh?
Posted by The Chris Street 16th April, 2004

probably didnt want to confuse people.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 16th April, 2004

Well done, this is a significant improvement on your previous games. The only major improvement I would suggest is more levels/features.
Posted by Steve Harris 16th April, 2004

Gigamesh = 1,073,741,824 pieces of mesh
Posted by istvan 16th April, 2004

Gilg: how can you call people noobs when youve never even submitted to this site?
Posted by Chamzel 16th April, 2004

It's quite possible that he doesn't want his leet skillz posted on a site he doesn't deem worthy enough to have something of his posted on where as all the other games are noobish.
Posted by Flava 16th April, 2004

Steve kinda pointed out how I made my name.. My name sucks really.. But KlikmAster was already taken. I was gonna call myself Gigabyte.. but though Gigamesh.. Dont ask :|
Posted by Robin [RobGames] 16th April, 2004

ey very nice game, and your name (Gigamesh) it doesnt matter, the matter is to make good games1..
Posted by ruffles 16th April, 2004

lol i thought at first wtf gilgamesh sux he can't finish a game j/k
Posted by Stian B. 17th April, 2004

Who cares about your name?Its the games we are most interesting in.Even they might not be so interesting either ;) Im not tried them.
Posted by hey hey shoe 17th April, 2004

link doesnt work for me
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 17th April, 2004

cool, circy's great midi talent!
Posted by Flava 17th April, 2004

Seems the host is a bit weird with the download at the moment.. should work soon!
Posted by The Chris Street 18th April, 2004

Right click and save Target As, folks. Anyway... it has my music in? IM DOWNLOADING, BABY!
Posted by The Chris Street 18th April, 2004

Bah, not even a single bit of credit for my MIDIs XD I also really like the text document... very informative, hehe. (aka theres nothing in it) Its an interesting game. Its partly shoot-em-up, partly puzzle, partly navigation. Your best game yet, and I quite enjoyed it. Although a tad repetitive.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th April, 2004

Actually just thinking... When you said "heres the text taken from the readme" you actually meant it, didn't you? XD You actually TOOK the text out of the readme lolol
Posted by Flava 18th April, 2004

Urm Yeah.. Also I did actually give credit for your MIDIs in the CREDITS (when you finish the game) Full 'o' surprises me ;) And for some reason, my TGF is messed up and the readme wouldnt work - so I posted it here..
Posted by Strife 18th April, 2004

I've never played any of your previous games, Gigamesh, but i'm downloading anyway; it looks quite amusing. :) One question, though: What inspired you to name the game "Fantasy World"? That name is more fitting for an RPG rather than a shoot-em-up.
Posted by Joshtek 18th April, 2004

Hey C-Media. I remember ya.
Posted by Flava 19th April, 2004

Strife: I kinda got the idea for this game from a game called "Fantasy-Zone" and truthully - I couldnt think of anything better for a name.. So I made Fantasy-World :D Joshtek: I remember ya too
Posted by Muz 19th April, 2004

Technically, Gigamesh = 1,000,000,000 units of mesh. 1,073,741,824 is only for the number of bytes in a Gigabyte. Another mathematical tip brought to you by Muz.
Posted by colej_uk 20th April, 2004

Welcome back :) great game btw, kinda like a puzzle/platformer mixed with a 2d shooter.
Posted by Airflow 21st April, 2004

Hmmm. Looks A'right. Dl/ing
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st April, 2004

i like this its real basic but quite cool. but the readme was blank?
Posted by J.J 24th April, 2004

Download does NOT WORK!
Posted by Wormware 29th April, 2004

download doesn't work.. And I just want to make a review..
Posted by DaVince 12th September, 2004

I think it will be nice, but all your work will have been thrown away if the link doesn't work :(
Posted by Simon.R 19th January, 2005

Posted by DaVince 15th December, 2006

Posted by Flava 25th February, 2007

Game should work now!
Thanks to Circy for sending it to me
Posted by AndyUK 25th February, 2007

The link works, but the game wont play, it just says

"error whilst opening file"

I don't remember playing this before...
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2007

No problemo

Although the original zip file contained a text document, there was no text written in it, hence my comment over two years ago:

"Actually just thinking... When you said "heres the text taken from the readme" you actually meant it, didn't you? You actually TOOK the text out of the readme lolol"
Posted by Flava 3rd March, 2007

Should work now Andy!





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