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Author: TechVision Submitted: 12th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 122

Edited By TechVision on 22/07/2020

PLEASE NOTE: The Windows version of this game is not available ATM. There is a HTML5 version here:

NEW VERSION: Some graphical changes and one bug was cleared out in this new version of the game.

This is a reaction/puzzle game. Your job is to shoot all the oncoming rings before they hit the bottom. Easy task? There are more to it than that. You have to change CoLoRs and shoot the white rings at the right time (depending on the Controller Rings). The rings appear completely random. Sure enough the game starts out slow, but gets faster the further you get in the game. This is one of those game where a quick look in the "How to play" page in the game menu is a good idea for first time players. Have fun!

The games has two play modes each with an online high score board.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th May, 2004

Hmmm...sounds cool! Downloading!
Posted by Jamesbuc 12th May, 2004

I like this reminds me of another game. Just cant remember it :D
Posted by X_Sheep 12th May, 2004

It's just a different way to write colou/ors k? :P
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 12th May, 2004

I spell it colors. I'm swedish.
Posted by Justin 12th May, 2004

It's spelled colors. You god damned europeans have to go and make everything longer and more difficult than it needs to be. I am black.
Posted by Kirby Smith 12th May, 2004

Phizzy... American's spell colors differently. Get over it. Much like I have gotten over how you placed your period outside the quotes, and how I have gotten over your not capitalizing the I in I'm.
Posted by Chrisbo 12th May, 2004

It reminds me of Faces by Karl Johan-Nilssen. way oldskool :P
Posted by TechVision 12th May, 2004

I've chosen to spell it without U because I prefer it. As simple as that.
Posted by Strife 12th May, 2004

Okay, let's just DROP the subject of the word "color/colour". There is no need to start a war over a silly thing like that. :( ;) Besides, don't ya think we should start talking about the GAME? Anywayz, it's... interesting, yet somehow familiar. Nice graphics too. :)
Posted by TechVision 12th May, 2004

Yes, let's get back on track. Jamesbuc: This is the sequel of the game CoLoRs. Don't know if that's the game it reminds you of. This is way better than that I think. Chrisbo: Thankyou. The oldskool feel was very much intended. Oldskool rocks!
Posted by Justin 12th May, 2004

Hell yes I have the high score. Game could use some better presentation. The Menus are ok but in game is kind of boring looking. You could definitely build on this for several more sequels and end up with a really really good game.
Posted by Justin 12th May, 2004

oh yeah, and did you make those rings with Z-brush by any chance?
Posted by Evil Monkey 12th May, 2004

I think it's okay, but it's boring and doesn't last long, just like all your other games.
Posted by hey hey shoe 13th May, 2004

Colour sounds extremely gay... I spell it color and i'm swedish... But I've studied at an american school for two years...
Posted by TechVision 13th May, 2004

Justin: 3D graphics was made with Simply 3D about 4 or 5 years ago. This is one of those gamnes that has been sitting one my hd for years.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 13th May, 2004

Yay! Sweden! Color! eumm...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th May, 2004

This game is really cool, TechVision! Great job! Reviewing...
Posted by TechVision 13th May, 2004

Thanks for that great review Lazarus.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th May, 2004

Your welcome! :)
Posted by walter06 15th May, 2004

About the words... COLOR in US, COLOUR in english, and 1 letter more in french: COULEUR! LOL About the game, cool but not so original.
Posted by Justin 16th May, 2004

game definitely inspired me to make something similar with a more strategic twist to it. . . still working on it.
Posted by David Evans 17th May, 2004

OK, let's get this sorted now - Colour is the 'proper' English spelling of what Americans spell 'color'. Because the internet uses coding based on American spelling, most other countries learn color rather than colour. The only reason us English stay with colour is because we're all boring layabouts with nothing better to do than be proud of our past. Which means, if spotted, we will always grumble about how the 'lazy' Americans spell colour with one letter less and how the rest of the world are no-where near as good as us. Anyway, game looks good, downloading...
Posted by David Evans 17th May, 2004

Interesting... though I think it gets difficult too quickly (or starts too easy) and it would be nice to have a 'more columns' option for expert players (of which I am not) Also, unles this is part of the gameplay, it would be nice if the different parts (score, rotating rings, player, etc.) were closer together so the player doesn't have to keep looking away from the action to see things. Good gameplay and it seems very origonal. Good work. :-D
Posted by TechVision 18th May, 2004

Sounds interesting Justin. Thanks for the feedback D. Evans.






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