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The Legend Of Zelda - - No name/storyline
Author: FierceDeity Submitted: 1st June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 170

Edited By FierceDeity on 6/2/2004

Still no name/storyline yet

Hello, i stopped working on this ages ago so i just thought i better post it up here so you guys could see it...

its a demo of a game 1 once started making, there is 2 levels in it.

On the 'File selection' if you choose START then that will take you to the full engine where you can test all items and stuff.
If you select KAIPENO VILLAGE then it will take you to my village which i designed. You cant use any items, you can only go in houses and explore the village.

Lens of Truth
Fire Bow
Din's Fire
Magic Hammer
Powder Keg
Deku Nut
Stone Mask
Mask of Truth
Bunny Hood

ENTER -- Subscreen on/off
DEL/PG DWN -- Scroll between subscreens while the subscreen is up
X - Action Button
Z - Sword/Cancel
S, D, C - 'C-buttons'

Please report bugs and glitches.
[b]KNOWN BUGS:[/b]
After planting magic seed the 'Check' word doesnt go off the action button

P&P please

Review This Download (Around 3MBmb )

Posted by Willy C 1st June, 2004

very nice, I like zelda. even though youve ripped the ghrapics I like it. I mean its allowed to rip grapics in fan games. espesially zelda ;D
Posted by BattleCat 1st June, 2004

Generally it's well made, it has a Snes feel to it, which is good. I couldn't do anything to get the item list away though, so i exited as well :P
Posted by Pixelthief 1st June, 2004

Your credits don't include Nintendo...
Posted by FierceDeity 2nd June, 2004

Yeah i forgot about that, they wil be in the full game.. if i make it o.o
Posted by kreature 2nd June, 2004

One word; very nice! Oh, that was two words, anyway, great work! Even though the graphics might be ripped, it has much of the SNES feeling in it, and I think it also takes a step further with the item list and all. (Which can easily be taken away by pressing ENTER) I didn't really see any bugs, though there probably are some. Well, the only thing would be that when one wears an item, it shows through the item list.
Posted by FierceDeity 2nd June, 2004

Yeah thats only with The Mask Of Truth but i will fix that, thanks
Posted by Metal Maiden 3rd June, 2004

Wow man very nice, i'm impresssed by how much is included in the menus.
Posted by Killerjedi 3rd June, 2004

Veeerry, veeerry nice. This is really good. Keep up the good work with this, man. I wanna play the full version badly. =)
Posted by FierceDeity 3rd June, 2004

Lol thanks!!
Posted by Willy C 4th June, 2004

whats with the fake loading on the start of the screen?
Posted by KlikFactory 4th June, 2004

Didn't you just post a preview for this a little while ago? Why did you stop working on it? Shame, it's a really good engine, too.
Posted by Lelle 5th June, 2004

Hwo do you know it is a fake loading?
Posted by Willy C 5th June, 2004

Its open source. I checked the gam file and when I remove the active object "loading", the menu appeared without a problem. Its an active object, nothing more.
Posted by FierceDeity 5th June, 2004

"whats with the fake loading on the start of the screen?" It is real. The counters are taking their time to search the INI files for the amount of Bomb, Arrows, Deku nuts and rupees you have.
Posted by KlikFactory 5th June, 2004

You posted a preview on this just a couple weeks ago: In that one you don't say that you quitted the game.
Posted by FierceDeity 7th June, 2004

I'm consontrating on other games right now
Posted by Bruce Juice 9th June, 2004

Well, this is awesome.
Posted by FierceDeity 10th June, 2004

Posted by hey hey shoe 11th June, 2004

make a full game, now!
Posted by M Mouse 4th September, 2004

i used games factory on your game and the village prototype looks great!
Posted by FierceDeity 3rd January, 2005

I forgot to protect the game O_O Dont steal my code please........ well it sucks anyway. Im starting this game from scratch.





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