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Block Pushing Engine (Rating = n00b)
Author: FierceDeity Submitted: 13th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 373

A Very simple engine just to show how to push a block in platformer style. Rating = n00b.

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Posted by The Chris Street 13th February, 2005

You only did this for one side of the block, plus it doesn't fall off the end of the platform.
Posted by Jack Galilee 13th February, 2005

2 things, 1 you dont need detectors to do this 2nd the object has no gravity and 3rdly the block has a HIM Symbol on it!.. I recommend some better music...
Posted by FierceDeity 13th February, 2005

No i recomend some better music. The Dillinger Escape Plan Twelve Tribes
Posted by FierceDeity 14th February, 2005

I can, and i just did!
Posted by Wicked Studios 14th February, 2005

I think i recommend some Slayer. Not just to you, to everyone. I really do mean it.
Posted by Silveraura 14th February, 2005

First time Phizzy makes sense & it just happens to be about reccomending music to yourself... I really have to get out more. X-D
Posted by Jack Galilee 15th February, 2005

thats crap music!.. Its insulting that dilinger Esapce plan was even funded by Earache!.. and your an insult if you listen to that "crap"
Posted by Weston L 15th February, 2005

I umm.. can't hear any music at all... but um... what's with the Jewish star / heart / weird thing on the other thing? Umm... yeah.. and if you're going to submit something this simple uhh... like... put it all in one package or something... like multiple simple things.
Posted by DaVince 17th February, 2005

Wow.... rating is n00b!
Posted by DaVince 17th February, 2005

I think you should add: - More direction pushing - That box gravity everyone talks about
Posted by --))AlexOfBurg((-- 18th February, 2005

I couldnt hear the awful music! Darn, maybe I should turn my speakers on. . .
Posted by 10th January, 2006

ugh This isnt a very good engine..





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