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Author: Mr.Mean Submitted: 2nd June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 44

This is a simple but fun, by not mentioning addictive minigame. You just have to click at the boxes and make diffirent combinations.
This was actually supposed to be a tutorial, but I found it very addictive, so I decided to make a game of it instead.
Join a world of boxes in full screen action. Enjoy a simple yet fun gameidea based in a combination tutorial (made by me). Beat yourself, your cousine or your cat in a 20 slotted default hi- score table. This and much more can you expect from this fascinating joNickArt production.


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Posted by Muggus 3rd June, 2004

The graphics in the first shot look kah-razy!
Posted by janne valtonen 3rd June, 2004

Posted by Bricnic 3rd June, 2004

This is a rather weird game... what is the point of the letters? You can't press them on the keyboard, so why put letters on the boxes? Oh well, not bad for your 5th game on here I suppose.
Posted by Noyb 3rd June, 2004

Mildly entertaining for a game that boils down to moving your mouse in small circles and clicking (not "klicking" as the instructions say) with a steady rhythm. I actually felt a brief moment of pride when I reached a 50 combo, then only hollow emptiness. The combo system works well, though.
Posted by Mr.Mean 4th June, 2004

@ nicholas, i thought the boxes wrere so empty so i drew a random letter, and itīs my 4th game
Posted by Keatonian 5th June, 2004

yes... gaybox





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