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Author: Mr.Mean Submitted: 6th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 76

Edited By Mr.Mean on 10/8/2005

Edited By Mr.Mean [joNick] on 3/10/2005

A short little game i made yesterday night.

your mission is to prevent the intruders from invading the hill, to do that you have a gigant slingshot. use the mouse to destroy the enemies and break your previus records.

update version 1.1 has been realesed, nu the enemies will graduatly go faster instead of going directly 2times faster...


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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 6th March, 2005

Could do with a bit more description, but I'll let it through. The game's not bad, but the angle when the ball launches sometimes seems strange.
Posted by Sean Kelly 6th March, 2005

Hmmm....any insperation from Super Mario DS?
Posted by Mr.Mean 7th March, 2005

actually yes, got it last week! :)
Posted by Sean Kelly 7th March, 2005

yeah ive had it since my b-day, december 13th. I was thinkin bout makin a game of that same mini game! I also wanted to make a game of the turtle shell
Posted by Andrew Barontini 8th March, 2005

YAY ds





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