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Author: Mr.Mean Submitted: 24th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 98

Edited By Mr.Mean [joNick] on 7/25/2004

This game is not a normal pong game, in this game you can be up to 4 players in two different teams, blue and green.

Each team has an attackplayer and a goalie, the goalie can only be moved verticaly and the attacker will follow the goalie up and down while you controll it sideways.


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Posted by DJ W 24th July, 2004

Thats actually a pretty original idea...
Posted by Odin 24th July, 2004

You should've made the attacker move the opposite of the goalie, but meh. Looks good, a simple coffee break game. I already saw this on the Lego site a while back, but this one's just as good, and it's offline! -ThO
Posted by Silveraura 24th July, 2004

Umm, it says Football pong when the game is in a soocer field.
Posted by Zane 24th July, 2004

its proper football ;) not a bad game, but is the computer ai actually beatable
Posted by Teapot 24th July, 2004

Posted by Justin 25th July, 2004

This game isn't quite as good as super mario 64 but is ok so I will give a B+
Posted by Silveraura 25th July, 2004

We arent Pro's Justin, so why compair our games to pro games? Thats right, you dont!
Posted by Muggus 25th July, 2004

Very cool. This'd be great to play with someone else.
Posted by alibaba 25th July, 2004

hehe yeah brandon - real football is plyed on a field like that one. you are confusing american football with it - which is a rubish game IMO. game is actually ok - computer played is rubbish tho hehe
Posted by Binoz 25th July, 2004

i made a game like this, 2 years ago
Posted by Odin 25th July, 2004

American Football (AKA Gridiron) is a bunch of morons. It makes me sad that i'm accosaited with it. (I live in the US, BTW, not thick though) -ThO
Posted by Zephyr 25th July, 2004

It's not original, it's a rip-off of the soccer game in Pong 3d: The Next something.
Posted by GoMoogles 25th July, 2004

It's an okay idea, but poorly executed and for some reason it runs slow on my 2.6 ghz computer.
Posted by Yuhkaz 26th July, 2004

The word football means 3 or more different things lol
Posted by Jimbob 26th July, 2004

I made this game 4 years ago...and it was on the old daily click but we'll let it past...





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