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Blue Sea's
Author: Bill Submitted: 10th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 190

Edited By Bill on 10/17/2002

Here's a little game I made of battle ships, in the future I want mabey add internet suport. Anyway see what you think of it, or just slag it off (Haahahaha).
I've started on a new worms type game, thanks.

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Posted by Bill 11th October, 2002

As they said above type in or past the full ULR into you adress thing, but fortuanly I am in the midle of moving and redesighning my site to freeserve (yay). This game will be good if your very board at school or work, hopefully I'll put up some screen shot of my new game which I'm curently working on. The name I have thought up sofar is Solid Snake and the game will have worms\metal slug type game play, it looks realy good and I have done a fair few weapons at the moment with more to come. It will have three worlds Jungle\Vietnam, Irak\Desert and snow\the south pole, each will have three or more levels and one big boss level. But anyway I hope you atleast try this game out and its been sitting on my hardrive for a long time now so I tought I should give it a try and release it, thanks :)
Posted by ruffles 11th October, 2002

This game is quite good, it may turn into a great game, if you make an online version.
Posted by Bill 11th October, 2002

Thanks, I started this game for when I get bored of making other bigger projects. Mabye when I have finished this one wich rocks I could have a crack making this online. I would probaly uses the online object, how does a suit case bomb sound I want to make one of those (hahaha).
Posted by Zi-Xiao 11th October, 2002

Posted by Bill 16th October, 2002

Wow put on the GOTW Poll I was not exspecting that, like anyones going to vote (hahahaha). Anyway here's a few screen shot for anyone who likes to see the game befor they download it, hope fully I will have a demo of my Solid Snake game befor long. I have done most of the weapons and I'm doing the suit case bomb now which I think I will save for an end of the game exstra, any wich way all I got to do now is more of the grafix. Here are the sceen shots of blue sea,s: Thanks for taking an intrest!
Posted by Bill 16th October, 2002

forgot to say you will need to past the links into you browser being that its geocitties, but you probaly alread knew that!





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