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Cold Blood - Beta 2
Author: Bill Submitted: 10th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 120

Edited By Bill on 2/22/2005

Again I'm posting this game, a game I have been working on for many years now mainly because I can’t be bothered. The other reason is because I decided to make this game slightly ambitious (well as far as anything I do goes by), I wanted to make everything in the game editable.
At first it started out with just editable levels but then went closer to everything, sounds, scripting, textures, most of which are unfinished or cant be implemented.

So far there’s a very buggy editor, working sound scripting and not much else scripting.

Oh and to bring you up to speed if you've never seen this before, you play Snake a genetically modified snake who was bred as a super soldier and then released in the Vietnam jungle during the war. Basically you have to kill all the Vietnamese defending their land, please don’t complain about the spelling as I'm very tired.

Suicide Bomber
Normal Hand Gun Attacker
RPG Attacker
Heat Seeking Attacker (Buggy projectile)

You’re Weapons:
Hand Gun
Machine Gun (secondary attack, press g to charge)

Water Barrel
Box 1
Box 2
Petrel Drum 1
Petrel Drum 2
Gas Bottle Lying Down
Gas Bottle Standing Up

What I wanted to put in:
3 Bosses
1 Mini Boss (I will still work on this, basically it’s a big version of the normal guys but it behaves like a hunter from halo)
All textures loaded out side of game (limitation with mmf)
Working Ammo counters
Pick ups (ammo, health, weapons)
Working scripting other than sound, timed explosions, events ect.
Linking levels for a single player experiences
And a bunch of other stuff I forget
Oh and a more up to date editor with no bugs

Anyway see what you think, you can see how complex I was becoming in the recent development, take a look at the files in the textures folder and sound folder. I would have liked to do that for every bitmap in the whole game, but alas the damn alpha channel and slowness.

I should also point out the lack of levels that come with this beta; the levels that comes this are test levels and are pretty boring. This is why I have included the level editor, please if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask.
If you make any good levels then please email them to me as either the individual level files or as the whole custom game folder, I would love to play any decent levels and may be able to make some level pack for download for people.

And please keep checking here, I will be updating as and when I remember anything I have left out or feels needs to be added or explained.

PS - There still seems to be some debug code in there, so it'll probaly make a file called Debug.ini with some random repeating file address. Just ignore this it'll do you no harm, I'll try and remember to remove this the next time I get tempted to work on this game again

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  Blood - Beta 2.exe (2.32mb )

Posted by The Chris Street 11th February, 2005

Next time if theres a "beta 3" can you just edit this download please?
Posted by Bill 11th February, 2005

Deleted old post, didnt realise it was still there!
Posted by Böðvar Pétur Þorgrímsson 11th February, 2005

AHA! Thief! You stole the music from Age of mythology! Just kidding, I think it's legal to use that music, but it's still aom music.
Posted by Böðvar Pétur Þorgrímsson 11th February, 2005

Fest.mp3! Geb.mp3! Pharaoh music too?
Posted by Bill 11th February, 2005

? What music are you talking about, this game does not have any music that comes with it. If your talking about the mp3 player, you can select any folder containing mp3s and play them as an album. The shot showing all the song names is by a band called Primus, I hope this clears up any misunderstandings :)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 12th February, 2005

Ah, the South Park theme writers. I've only ever heard "Jerry was a Race Car Driver" by them. It's an utter travesty.
Posted by Bill 12th February, 2005

lol yeah got some friends who are realy into them, not a big fan of the vocals but the bass is too good to ignore. Anyway, I'm dying to know what everyone thinks of the editor even though its still very shoddy.
Posted by Bill 12th February, 2005

lol just realised, thanks for putting me on the frount page
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 13th February, 2005

yesh. teh frount es teh nicest
Posted by Bill 13th February, 2005

Ah, I have made a new level which is alot better than the ones that come with it. Its more along the lines of being a playable game level, however for some reason I cant get my server to load any files. But for some reason the link through create games still works on the main download, but not if I past it into my browser. I'll give you the link to the file anyway, let me know if it actualy works. It downloads for me but is 0 bytes the file should be 9kb :( It's the first topic at the mo and has some instructions on how to use it, hope it works!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 18th February, 2005

this isn't a beta, it's hardly an alpha...
Posted by kauernberger 13th December, 2009

At first, sorry for my bad english!
Has somebody the game?
If so can you send me?






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