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PliX Version 1.0
Author: MisterBull Submitted: 25th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 164

Edited By Brian B. on 5/27/2004

Edited By Brian B. on 5/25/2004

PliX version 1.0
A puzzle game of matching tiles, like Mahjong, but a bit more simple in structure.

Reviews so far (mainly friends and relatives) "Very adictive"

The game, you have to match tiles that are open from the top to the right side of the PliX Matrix, in doing so, you must try and beat the clock (a maximum of 300 seconds) and score as much as you can, by collecting lives, and time clocks, and matching as many tiles as you possibly can.

Hearts ~ Adds a life
Clocks ~ Adds more time to the timer

When the timer runs out ~ the game counts as many blocks as you have left and subtracts a multiplication from your score. And removes a life from your life counter.

If you click new game ~ The game counts both, how many blocks are left, and how many seconds are left on the timer, and uses this to make a multiplication and subtracts from your score.. and removes 1 life.

The rest, you can probably figure on your own, but I will be looking for questions.

Version 1.0 Features

-Plenty of Background Selections
-Plenty of Music Selections
-Screen size selections for better viewing

All the better to improve the game's qualities ~_o
Plans for Vs. 2.0

-Upload bg images from computers
-Upload tile map images from computer
-Upload midi music from computer
-Items to make the game all the more chalenging
-New special coarses to select from other then the basic PliX Matrix
-Beter GUI

Be looking for this in the future to come...

--Glitch Report (so far)------------
1. Window sticks in certain areas of screen on some machenes
2. (Very rare) Upon opening the game, all invisible objects are visible, and the game doesnt function
3. Sorry, no help file in this version.. will exsist in 1.5
4. (somewhat rare)Mouse disapears in certain locations where it should not
5. Score doesnt reset after clicking end game... (feels stupid about this one)
If download does not work, I am building a list of d-loads from other attempt servers (below) again, I am sorry for any inconviences.

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Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

There are also other features that I have not spoken of that will be apearing in Verion 2.0 ... Those features will be pointed out accordingly as to what sugestions users will make on PliX 1.0
Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

Hmm... I guese I can try freeweb... sense most people speak highly of it >.o Until then, I may ask everyone to use "Save target as"
Posted by Kris 25th May, 2004

addictive and fun, until you run out of tiles to click. for me this has happened after the first 2 or 3 turns. Also, why the hell is the screen stuck? It's in an awful place on my screen, and I can't move it
Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

I've seen this glitch before... some computers, it does not stick, while other computers it does this nasty trick =P It all has to do with the window resize tool, which I may disable in version 2 (or if I have to version 1.5)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th May, 2004

It did that to me too, but I just resized it and it behaved itself.
Posted by Kris 25th May, 2004

woo, i cleared it
Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

I'm making a glitch report in the D-load description, so everyone will know what to expect.. If anybody finds any glitch not listed, please say something.. thanks
Posted by Kris 25th May, 2004

yeah, i found one, sometimes the mouse disappears, especially when you use a menu (eg, for changing the music)
Posted by Kris 25th May, 2004

also, F1 (help) is listed in the menu but it does nothing :D (i'm guessing you're going to add that later?)
Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

The help file has been somewhat a problem while in production... What I originally wanted to do, was make an exe help file (click version) and make it look a bit more profesioned then just a normal txt file.. but that hasnt been easy =P I'll be constructing one for version 1.5 ~ which I decided will be just like version 1.0 except without the listed problems
Posted by X_Sheep 25th May, 2004

Addictive :) I think it only needs a bit more work on the interface ;)
Posted by Tom Alder 26th May, 2004

Posted by JohnsProgram 26th May, 2004

Nicely done! ;) This is quite a puzzler. Keep up the good work!
Posted by xinok 26th May, 2004

I remember downloading this game a while ago in the clickteam forums, had fun playing it :) You should just use a subapp for the help file if you want something a bit more professional.
Posted by MisterBull 27th May, 2004

right.. I'll concider that, thx ^_^
Posted by Kramy 27th May, 2004

Fun game. :) Use the file object to run: appdrive$+appdir$+"readme.exe" when F1 is pressed. You'll have to delete the help option from the menu, or it will automatically open the notepad file aswell, though.
Posted by Kramy 27th May, 2004

By the way, one of the areas where you can set the resolution in MMF has some boxes beside it. Enter a different number in there and the window will resize to whatever that number is.
Posted by MisterBull 27th May, 2004

hmmm... I'll check on that.. and again, thanks
Posted by X_Sheep 27th May, 2004

Heh... last time I checked the score doesn't reset to 0 when you click "End Game" and return to the game :P
Posted by MisterBull 27th May, 2004

right... I'll add that to the glitch list :P
Posted by Tom Alder 27th May, 2004

cool game:)





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