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Spike's Quest Test Demo#4
Author: MisterBull Submitted: 19th September, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 122

Its been ages since I've posted anything here. In fact the old downloads under my profile had been out of order for several years now... (and back then both those downloads made front page... once upon a time)

well here I am now with a new project that I've been spamming everywhere about. No, its not a click created game. it was developed in Blitz Max. but I've seen a couple of none click created games here before so I figured well why the hell not?

Anyway, On to the game!

This is a simple little test demo of a game called Spike's Quest (of certain My Little Pony fame) I've been developing this project alone for the past three months and so far its something to be proud of!

the game's story: The mane six ponies have once again been kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs. and its up to Spike to go and rescue them! As he progresses an even bigger plot is revealed.

The game is a cutesy Metroidvania style adventure with Zelda and Cave Story elements included.

For more information you can check the following links:
- The Blog:
- The Ponychan Thread:
- Twitter:!/SpikesQuest

and if its popular enough here I might start a project in the project section for it :3

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Please note, this is not the actual game this is a TEST DEMO meaning that this was created to test the in game mechanics.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy!

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Posted by GamesterXIII 20th September, 2011

Hey, Man. I just downloaded your game. I JUST started and couldn't help but notice a grammatical error in the text from the first sign in the game.

[what your standing on]

should be you're, not your.

Not a big deal, but I figured you may want to know if you're OCD like me =p.
Posted by GamesterXIII 20th September, 2011

These types of platformers aren't really my cup of tea, but I do have some minor nitpicks.

The sprite jerks a bit when you jump.

Jumps feel awkward. When you start to fall it feels as if the gravity gets much stronger - the character should "ease" into the fall, not "jerk" into it. The springs could be smoothed out a little too.

When you're jumping or falling and you press right or left into a wall, the character moves over a bit - the walk commands are still triggering so the sprite is moving over, but the animation is staying the same.

Sometimes when you're jumping into a solid ceiling one of your sensors (?) seems to catch and cause your character to move to the left or right a bit, even if you're standing perfectly still. This also causes the camera to jerk.

If you walk off of a platform then back towards it quickly your character gets pushed up even if you've already started falling. This also applies for moving towards a platform when jumping.

Other than those things the engine seems pretty solid. Nice work so far.

Posted by MisterBull 20th September, 2011


Thanks for the bug report. I'll add them to my list of things to fix before the next demo
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 21st September, 2011

I liked the idea, but as Gamester pointed out there are a few bugs in there. The biggest issues being the 'stiff' jump and the left/right bump when hitting the ceiling. What are the numbers behind the jump?(if you don't mind my asking)

Also, give Spike a breath flame animation! It hurts my eyes when the fireball materializes in his face.

Very nice gfx! Fix the jump issues and you'll have a pearl to work on!
Posted by MisterBull 21st September, 2011

The current jump code goes something like this:

if jump_tapped then jump=3
if jump>0
else player_y=player_y+3
end if

the newer code as of today will look something like this (when I get to it)

if jump_tapped then jump=3 ; fall=0
if jump>0
if fall<3
end if
end if

that should smooth things out (I hope

as for the ceiling bug I have an idea of what's causing it but I'm not sure how to fix it just yet

I should add that the code doesnt look exactly like that, there are other variables such as jwait which measures the amount of time the jump button is pressed and thus sets the amount of time the jump variable is held before decreasing.
The code above was just a guess from memory of its current functionality. take it with a grain of salt

edit: dangit mods< fix the edit button!
Comment edited by MisterBull on 9/21/2011
Posted by GamesterXIII 22nd September, 2011

Can you use floats?
Posted by MisterBull 22nd September, 2011

floating values? sure! Blitz Max makes it easy for that kinda stuff

not to promote none click software on a click related site, of course
Posted by Vertigo 22nd September, 2011

Haven't played yet, but the main charcter reminds me sooo much of Spyro. Coincidence? Maybe do a recolour?
Posted by MisterBull 22nd September, 2011


Well, I cant honestly do that 'cause it wouldnt be Spike he's purple in the cartoons
Posted by siven 29th September, 2011

Well, i liked what you have so far. no enemies to kill made it boring for me fast though. i think it will be great when its finished though, keep up the good work





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