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Author: J.A.P Submitted: 11th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 66

Edited By J.A.P on 7/11/2004

Topi belongs to my "Comic games" series like Pete. This is my own version from "Zeb".
You have a mission to scout a small island group where's something suspecting going on: Genetic researches, hi-tech nuclear weaponry, alien prisoning and their DNA manipulating. It's up to you now.


move: arrowkeys
change pistole/shotgun: 1 and 2 keys

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Posted by J.A.P 11th July, 2004

sorry about that filesize, but it's worth of the download:)!
Posted by Willy C 11th July, 2004

downloading......damnit man 1kb/s, get another host! 1kb/s is offending my broandban
Posted by Willy C 11th July, 2004

seriously Im not downloading this, its srunk down to 0.8 kb/s, over one hour waiting time!
Posted by Leric 11th July, 2004

I have a freewebs site too but I never use freewebs for this kinda stuff cause it's too damn slow you should get a host & put a link on your site like I do cause not many people are gonna download from freewebs....but I will o matter how long it takes I'm gonna wait it out. Your game better be good or I'm gonna be pissed.
Posted by FlameCritter 11th July, 2004

The water sucks.
Posted by Imadjinn 11th July, 2004

When will people learn? FREEWEBS! NOOOOOOOOOO!
Posted by Yuhkaz 11th July, 2004

I'm not f*cking downloading off freewebs and I don't want to download a Zeb clone either.
Posted by Leric 11th July, 2004

Ok I survived the download...yeah I'm ok...just I dunno if...I'll ever be the same...the download time...IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! As for the game it was ok but felt very repetitive because you fight the same guys on all the stages I played (some men dudes & zombies) & the stages were too short. Also there was a bug where if you shot one of the dudes while overlapping a pillar they would get stuck in it & why can't you shoot while jumping you really need to add that sometimes the dudes will shoot you unallowing you to climb up a ledge & making you take much unneeded damage. It's ok but not good.
Posted by FlameCritter 12th July, 2004

How can it be ok but not good? It's either good or it isn't. YOU, my friend, had one too many turds for breakfast.
Posted by Airflow 12th July, 2004

Why must you take a game engine, replace the levels, and remove the cool graphics? Sorry dude, no download.
Posted by Cazra 12th July, 2004

lol, it's Zeb with slightly changed graphics. XD
Posted by 12th July, 2004

9 mb ain't too much. It is too less... !!!! USE WINRAR TO PACK THOSE FILES !!!!
Posted by Kaine 12th July, 2004 upload it there
Posted by Leric 12th July, 2004

Ah to answer your question Mr. Flamecritter last time I checked ok & good were 2 different words & on my scale ok is less than good (like bad,ok,good,great get it?) & as for the breakfast comment you may wanna check around cause turds aren't part of a normal person's balanced breakfast so just cause you start everyday with a bowl of "Cocoa Puffs" doesn't mean everyone else does. I gave a good honest review, you don't like it that's your problem if my opinion offends you.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th July, 2004

Slightly changed?! These graphics look almost identicle! XD
Posted by AndyUK 12th July, 2004

i think the backgrounds are the graphics from zeb looking at the screenshots. sorry 9mb is too much.
Posted by Jack Galilee 12th July, 2004

how can this be good its a ripped version of Zen
Posted by Leric 13th July, 2004

I've never played or heard of Zeb maybe I should play nice to play the game everyone sez this is a direct copy of.
Posted by Leric 13th July, 2004

WHAT THE CRAP THIS GAME IS CRAP!!!! I went & played Zeb & this is just a cheap Zeb. Zeb is way better & its stages are bigger. How you gonna make a game that is a exact but worse version of a example game!?! The example is made for you to learn from & expand on not copy!!! This game isn't ok anymore it's bad! They both even won't let you shoot when you could of atleast fixed that ya know.
Posted by ~gamerz~ 21st December, 2004

Well he could of fixed that bug with the no shooting while jumping bug, but why bother when its soooo SHIT!!! and a d/l speed of 1kb/s





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