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Super Games Collexion
Author: GoMoogles Submitted: 20th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 70

Edited By Tropicware Inc on 7/22/2004

Edited By Tropicware Inc on 7/20/2004

I made this game in 2003, and am re-releasing it again to the Daily Click. It was made with Klik n Play. It features 6 minigames each with a different gameplay style:

1) Egg Collector: You control a bucket and must catch falling eggs. After 3 eggs have lose.
2) Super Pong!: Offers 1 and 2 player games. It's regular Pong...with a twist. Both paddles can now shoot lasers to push the ball towards their goal.
3) Balloonstrike: A parody of a game which I never completed (Moonstrike). Control a cannon that shoots spikes. Pop as many balloons as you can in the allotted time.
4) Rebound: An Arkanoid clone. Ball n Paddle game in which you have to rid of all the blocks to clear the level.
5) Penny Platformer: Collect all gems in the allotted time while jumping from platform to platform.
6) Roadkill: My personal favorite. A frogger-type game in which you control a lizard and you must cross the road to get orbs. The traffic steadily increases in speed so get as many orbs as you can while the traffic is slow!

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Posted by awesomeanimator 21st July, 2004

haha, i like it! you're very good at klik n play, dude. now i wanna see what you can do with tgf or mmf:)
Posted by Victor T 21st July, 2004

DAM, i got it to download the first tiem but then stupid yahoo says error, so yea i had to cancel the downlaod becuase i was uploadign somthign and now i cant play this game, game makers should really upload games on a good provider -_-;
Posted by Muggus 22nd July, 2004

Nothing ground breaking but good fun. I especially like your in-game helpers you have in your games. Very helpful. :)
Posted by Silveraura 22nd July, 2004

Serprising people still use KnP X-D
Posted by GoMoogles 22nd July, 2004

I just got TGF, but I think I was the only one using KnP...
Posted by Anders B 27th July, 2004

"haha, i like it! you're very good at klik n play, dude. now i wanna see what you can do with tgf or mmf" Hes not THAT good at Klik n play, and i think its pretty much the same in klik n play as in TGF. I can easily make all the games in this Collection in TGF. But more to the point, Great collection :) But i hated Rebound.
Posted by GoMoogles 27th July, 2004

Yea Rebound is hard. I personally didn't like Rebound either. Can someone please review this game??





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