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Author: GoMoogles Submitted: 19th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 117

Edited By Mike [Tropicware Inc] on 7/28/2004

Edited By Rikus on 7/20/2004

A puzzle/platformer hybrid in which you control a ball over a few platformer elements, such as moving platforms and collapsing bricks. Some levels are challenging while other just require patience. This was my first game made back in 2002 and I am now re-releasing it.

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Posted by Roman-the-evil 19th July, 2004

Good. You should edit the name of the game' placing in the title screen, so that the secret starts at proper event. (if you don't understand run the game and see for yourself)
Posted by awesomeanimator 19th July, 2004

wow, this is great! gfx aren't as good, but this is still GOTW worthy shit here:)
Posted by Odin 19th July, 2004

Says something about KNPG.dll, so I can't play. Poo. -ThO
Posted by Yuhkaz 20th July, 2004

"Sorry, no screens." So get some.
Posted by awesomeanimator 20th July, 2004

@odin: play the .gam file, not the exe. @yuhkaz: dude, the games like 1 meg. and it rocks. download it.
Posted by Rikus 20th July, 2004

There we go, a front page mention and i added some screenies:):)
Posted by Odin 20th July, 2004

I tried playing the .gam file, but it says it was made with an older version of TGF. Poo to the 4th power. -ThO
Posted by Astral_86 20th July, 2004

I downloaded this game and played it. It was an OK game, but I got bored when I came to the 3rd Stage (world), because of repetiviness. Sorry. I'd give it 6/10.
Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 20th July, 2004

I finished this game and it was pretty good.:)
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 20th July, 2004

Nice idea. It's a shame it uses the default movement though, because it means some of the difficulty comes from the control rather than the level design. Also, there's not much point zipping an installer executable because it's already been compressed. Worth a download and a thumbs up, anyway.
Posted by GoMoogles 20th July, 2004

Wow I was not expecting such a positive response! I made this game about 2 years ago (it was my first completed game) and I uploaded to TDC back then, then took it down about a year after..and back then no one downloaded it at all. Thanks to everyone on their comments (both good and bad) I am now considering a sequel! :)
Posted by Kramy 21st July, 2004

Hey, this was a fun game. :) Throw in a decent custom engine, and a sequel would be great. :D
Posted by deano151991 21st July, 2004

great game ! it was a fun game
Posted by Muggus 21st July, 2004

Nice game. Very good concept!
Posted by Silveraura 21st July, 2004

This is actually a good game, something I plain to play in my free time deffently! As long as the game isnt extremly short :-P Taking this idea, I didnt expect much, but looking at the contruction of the levels going with the idea of rolling a ball I really enjoy this game!
Posted by GoMoogles 21st July, 2004

A sequel is now in the works! Started on it last night. Any suggestions are welcome!
Posted by BirkB 21st July, 2004

I like the concept... but there are some things you have to work on..... The control of the ball is very annoing, when the ball changes direction it doesnt slow down before it starts rolling the other way... Fix the controls! :) I give you a thumbs up, because of the good concept... but please work on the controls for the sequel! :)
Posted by GoMoogles 21st July, 2004

Ahh...thanks for bringing that to my attention! I will definitely try and work out the ball movement for the sequel!
Posted by awesomeanimator 21st July, 2004

um...the ball uses default movement? it was flawless for me, and ive never seen the default movement handle slopes so well.
Posted by awesomeanimator 21st July, 2004

also...tropicware, check you mail;)
Posted by awesomeanimator 21st July, 2004

@daloon: dude, if the ball slowed before turning, it make the ice world so easy it'd be stupid. i like the controls, i dunno what you guys are talking about
Posted by GoMoogles 22nd July, 2004

I just uploaded all my games to a new server (Thanks Jonny!! :)) So downloads should be faster and be working now! Please try Super Games Collexion and Moonstrike Demo also...I just posted those.
Posted by GoMoogles 26th July, 2004

Nominated for GOTW 99....*prays*
Posted by Kris 26th July, 2004

well this definitely gets my vote
Posted by GoMoogles 27th July, 2004

What gets me is the fact that you people put more confidence in this game than I do. lol
Posted by sayajjin 29th July, 2004

I cant play this game either neither the exe or .gam file works
Posted by NESque 6th March, 2007

WOW was it really that long ago that I made this? Damn I need to make something NEW!!! (I am Mike of Tropicware by the way...just felt I needed a fresh start on a different company)





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