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Edited By Simon Elo on 7/7/2005

ShenSonic is an RPG based on critically acclaimed epic Shenmue on Dreamcast console. ShenSonic was in deveploment for two years and it sure shows off! The game has many features and a story that will thrill you. I can also say with confidence that ShenSonic is the most advanced click-RPG to date:

* 270 frames
* 100+ characters
* 4 locations
* 8 mini-games
* 4 Cassette sets
* 2 Collectible sets
* 3 Shops
* Slot house
* Great storyline
* Fights
* QTE`s (Quick Timer Events)
* Clock, money, day
* Hidden secrets
* Save/Load system, 2 slots
* Weather system, snow & rain
* Inventory system
* Forklift job

Here is the story:

The year is 1986, the place Yokosuka, Japan. The normally tranquil day-to-day life of Sonic Hezuki Is suddenly and irrecoverably shattered by unwanted visitors. A man wearing dark gree Chinese clothes appears at the Hezuki family home with two black-suited thugs. This man uses a powerful style of martial arts, the likes of which Sonic has never before seen, to engage his father Hewao in a fierce battle. Sonic attempts to intervene and help his father, but the obvious disparity in power is too much. Sonic is beaten down and taken hostage as the man question Hewao, "Where is the mirror." Having no other recourse, Hewao reluctantly tells him.

Once this mysterious object is in the man's possession, he again attacks Hewao. And then, Hewao is knowcked down in defeat. Sonic pulls his father close and feels him take his last breath. "Robo Di" The man with the ominous embroidery of a glittering dragon on his back, is the man responsible. What of the stolen mirror? Who is this Robo Di? Vowing to seek revenge, Sonic embarks on a journey to unravel the mystery surrounding his father's death and deliver justice to the man responsible.


Hezuki Residence: The house of the Hezuki family, been standing there for hundreads of years...nothing could change the atmosphere of the peaceful house, until now...

Sakuragaoka: Sakuragaoka is the second location in Yokosuka. It is the place where most of the people live. It is also a peaceful village, but there are plenty of trouble-makers in the town as well.

Dobuita: Dobuita is the busy, gang filled town. There are plenty of people who will start fights, and plenty of people who are plain stubborn. This is where most of the action will take place.

Amihama: Amihama is the big harbor in Yokosuka. People there are not nice, and it is 'controlled' by the Mad Angels gang. Some people will interact, but most will say, "I'm working, find somebody else will ya"

Here are some comments about the game:

Paul, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA: Wow...I'm blown away. I love Shenmue and your sonic take on it rocks.

Carlos Brisola, Sao Paulo Brazil: very very good game, congratulations for desiners .

Paul Forest, UK: Great site and game, DYING for the next demo, HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sth2k, Scotland UK: Hi there, cool game and site! I loved playing Demo 2, it's as addictive as the real thing, even on a Pentium I laptop

Official homepage:

Screenshots (remote linking is forbidden on my host, so copy and paste)

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Posted by Justin 24th July, 2004

oh my god what has been done to my Ray Crackers sprite?? AAAAAH
Posted by Gamer 24th July, 2004

I've played this before. You have some great ideas, (or, well, Yuji Naka had some great ideas ;)) but it's very shoddy, buggy and inconsistent.
Posted by Blackstorm 24th July, 2004

Ugh... This game doesn't meet my tastes... Very hard to move around the course, the text either zips by too fast or stays way too long... The music isn't bad, but it isn't good. This just doesn't seem like a game that I can enjoy... Sorry.
Posted by awesomeanimator 24th July, 2004

i agree with blackstorm and matthew...thumbs down
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 24th July, 2004

The game, good, the graphics BAD! Sorry, but thumbs down... Comments about the game: Has potential text should all be in a rpg type box at the top (like the automatic one in rpg maker) Change graphics otherwise, very nice i like all the date, time inventory stuff and layout is nice. If you do what the comments say it'll be excellent, remember, just ask if you need any help ;)
Posted by Teapot 24th July, 2004

Only 7mb? Dling now!
Posted by awesomeanimator 24th July, 2004

jambo, were you not also aggravated by the horrible movement? the movement...god, its horrible. sorry, but its really annoying.
Posted by MasterM 24th July, 2004

DAMN this is so last millenium i don't enjoy all those old games it's just like hell creatures and rotten corpse is on the frontpage again
Posted by Smeggy 24th July, 2004

This is a pile of crap. It brings great shame on the Shenmue series.
Posted by Rain2 24th July, 2004

awful story line.. and thats what an rpg is, a good story line o and it took no time to download on my 56k lazarus
Posted by vortex2 25th July, 2004

Klick RPG games are hard, so I admire the attempt at one, however this one has a lot of problems. 1) The interface! The interface is horrible. You use Ctrl for the inventory, which is just plain annoying as I am used to this being an action key. Make the inventory I or something.... and make the inventory screen nicer to use.... your not working on a console you can afford to give us a friendly interface. Ctrl then be the action key, having it at shift is just bad.... also there should be a way to skip the intro/advance text, if there is a way to skip the intro it should be said when the intro starts up. Also I don't like how you can walk up to an object, try to use it, and get no feedback.... if it looks like an object you should have coded some kind of reply even if its "I can't use that" or something.... if you get my point. It looks unrealistic to have it just not say anything like the object doesn't exist. 2) The movement. The movement is awful too. Mostly the collisions, they are horrible. 3) The talkie engine. Wow, the text stays way too long... there should at least be a way to advance it, see my 1st point. Basically, it seems you have taken the ideas of two people and tried to combine them together in an interesting and unusual way to create a new game. However it seems you didn't really try to replicate the original engine and just stuck a bunch of edited sonic sprites in there and changed up some of the dialog. Where do your ideas come in? This is a different game, and you should have been wise enough to make improvements as they were needed to help support the quality of the game. However, I gave it a thumbs up anyway because it does seem like it was a lot of work, even if you were misguided.
Posted by Muggus 25th July, 2004

Obviously alot of work went into this...but it's kinda, well, not that well made. Pretty inconsistant to say the least.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 25th July, 2004

This is probably NOT HIS GAME. I have found source of it some weeks ago.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 25th July, 2004

where from, i'll take all the bugs away....
Posted by Simon Elo 25th July, 2004

Thanks everybody for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Chris Branch / FireMonkey July 24 2004 "Maybe he was too lazy to draw his own graphics and got some sprite rips instead" I am a Sonic-fan and a Shenmue-fan, like my nick says. I took the character grapchics from Sonic Fan Games HQ, which is made for that particular reason. Then I edited the sprites to make them Shenmue -like. One reason that the grapchics may look shoddy is that I didn't have PhotoShop at that time, so Paint is was. :P Jon - (Smegsoft) July 24 2004 "This is a pile of crap. It brings great shame on the Shenmue series." I'm sad if you really think so. I'm proud of the game and its features, even though it has its downfalls like every game does. vortex July 25 2004 "also there should be a way to skip the intro/advance text, if there is a way to skip the intro it should be said when the intro starts up." There IS a button to skip text (Enter) and skip intro (ESC). All of the buttons are said in the Readme. Please, read it before you say thing like that. "The movement. The movement is awful too. Mostly the collisions, they are horrible. " What is so awful about them? Imp of Hazard Games July 25 2004 "This is probably NOT HIS GAME. I have found source of it some weeks ago." What proof you have about that? Or where comes the idea that this isn't my game? Simon + Sonic the Hedgehog = SimSonic. Besides, read "About" section from ShenSonic website. I advice people to play the game further in the story, because like in Shenmue, the action also gets better (like more QTE's).
Posted by Simon Elo 25th July, 2004

And more about the grapchics, I know they're not great, but I think decent enough so that you can like the rest of the game.
Posted by Smeggy 25th July, 2004

The original Shenmue, and the sequal were masterpieces. This is nothing but a complete mess. The grammar in game is terrible, with hardly any punctuation. The game itself is bug ridden, with heaps of problems which really takes the fun out of playing it. As well as a large number of other things like the story being incomplete and incorrect.
Posted by Simon Elo 25th July, 2004

"This is nothing but a complete mess." That's a bit harsh. I think there is downfalls, but I guess some people like the game, so people don't. "The grammar in game is terrible, with hardly any punctuation. " I don't think so, but my native language isn't english anyway. I was 14 when I started to make ShenSonic, so some errors may be forgiveable even though I have tried to fix them.
Posted by Simon Elo 25th July, 2004

"like the story being incomplete and incorrect" The story isn't incomplete, the main storyline is there. Of course I coouldn't take every word and dialogue that Shenmue has, it would have been impossible with resources that CnC has. I'm sure the story is not incorrect, I watched all from Shenmue and I have watched all the game's cut-scenes so many times that you can't believe it. Only part where the dialogue isn't 100 % correct is intro, because I didn't have DC and Shenmue at that time.
Posted by Nioreh 25th July, 2004

Why is everyone so negative? This is a very advanced cnc game! I'm amazed. Even some of the games found in the arcade could have been submitted on the DC by themselves. As far as I can tell the story is very close to a perfect copy of the original (A bit boring if you already beat shenmue though). I wish I had the energy and patience to finish a game of this size and complexity. Great work man!
Posted by Bo Fu 25th July, 2004

I don't like Sonic OR Shenmue. That said, this is an okay game, but I'm not giving it thumbs up OR thumbs down. I give it... a thumbs sideways. It's obvious a lot of work went into it, but there was so much you could have tweaked. You can always fix the problems (even if it takes forever) and re-release it.
Posted by Pixelthief 26th July, 2004

Hrmm. "I can also say with confidence that ShenSonic is the most advanced click-RPG to date" Is this overconfidence or a challenge?
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 26th July, 2004

Well I dunno, it might be that you released the source file for some strange reason ans it confused me.
Posted by awesomeanimator 26th July, 2004

game obviously has potential, and i think you should consider re-releasing it. -i saw some lib gfx. lib gfx are a complete no-no. try and find a gfx artist for this game. im sure you could. if you cant, at least align the gfx PROPERLY, not like when I was a retarded little kid playing with cnc. -fix the walking. nuff said. -fix the text. you said you can skip it with enter...but that seldom works. maybe a cnc bug. with that said... -make it with mmf. dont have mmf? buy it. the game deserves it. even though this has potential and obviously took a long time, it still suffers from things said and, in the state its in now, gets a thumbs down. dis make me make a sad pee-pee face :( wike dat.
Posted by ChrisB 26th July, 2004

Lesson 1: get betatesters Lesson 2: if you have betatesters, make sure they give you their honest opinion
Posted by Simon Elo 26th July, 2004

Hmmm after these rants and I have took the lesson (my next game will fix all these), any praises...?
Posted by Pixelthief 26th July, 2004

The problem with making games like these that take years is that by the time you get into one, you're probably alot more of an advanced programmer then you were when you started. Hence short games are alot better!
Posted by Mr Icekirby 26th July, 2004

this is weird and annoying... deleting folder, shensonic
Posted by awesomeanimator 27th July, 2004

praise? well, i never played shenmue, and i dont like sonic(except 2 + 3, the rest of the series sucks)...but the idea of this game is still good. i like the story. i really like how its going...but the movement takes it away.
Posted by 27th July, 2004

Graphics are very laim. - Polish the graphics, even lamp's spotlight is horrible !!! (+ text is Com. written) + Try Army tanks 1.2 "new version". You'll find it on (action) site.
Posted by Hill Gigas 27th July, 2004

The concept is very ambitious. Try to make another and Im sure many of the bugs will be corrected. Thumbs up for setting your sights so high. :)
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 27th July, 2004

downloaded at 138kb/s, cool!
Posted by TwentyBeesMan 28th July, 2004

I don't know why you guys are so negative! Awesome work, man. Keep it up.
Posted by Zapper 29th July, 2004

I think maybe this site should be renamed... "The Daily Criticise!" because of some people who post here I know that criticism is useful, but there is a difference between constructive criticism and just being plain mean! I was really impressed with this, great job!
Posted by Louis Moon 29th July, 2004

Bo Fu- you don't like Shenmue? Then I don't like you. Simon- I could proofread the game if you want.
Posted by Simon Elo 30th July, 2004

proofread? What does that mean? :O
Posted by Louis Moon 30th July, 2004

To correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors in a text. This game does seem to me to have better English than most on the Daily Click, though.
Posted by Simon Elo 31st July, 2004

heh and you say it to a person whose native language isn't english. :P
Posted by Louis Moon 31st July, 2004

Do you want me to proofread it?
Posted by Simon Elo 1st August, 2004

It would be nice if you could do it.
Posted by Louis Moon 1st August, 2004

I'd need the original, uncompiled .cca though (to be able to do all speech in the game). Could I please have it (I wouldn't steal any of the game's content or anything)?
Posted by Wormware 1st August, 2004

Nice game, It would take a lot of time to create such a thing. Some things should be changed in my opinion, but I kinda like it.
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 2nd August, 2004

I wouldn't go claiming your game is the 'most advanced to date'... You have yet to see what's really possible in Klik. If only I didn't have this tendancy to just not finish my games. Watch this space.
Posted by Simon Elo 2nd August, 2004

Well it IS the most advanced to date, as you say, the more advanced are still to come but ShenSonic is a finished game. ;)
Posted by Simon Elo 6th August, 2004

Yeah after I made ShenSonic, I really do know every inch of Shenmue. Well mayby not that much, but much anyway.
Posted by Bastian 7th August, 2004

This is a fu****g bad game!!!!! I hate it!!
Posted by Wormware 7th August, 2004

it's fun to play!
Posted by SircatmaN 8th August, 2004

Man you guys all SUCK, instead of having a go at this guy because you can't finish any games yourself, why not try and help him fix it up. Graphics - The graphics are ok, but now that the games is finished, you could possibly go back through the game and edit the graohics to make them smoother and all fit in a bit better, liek re-draw them in your own style, it would take a while But I'm sure that the overall result would shut alot of these morons up. English - I agree with getting soemone to proof read it, it doesn't hurt to even have 2 or 3 proof readers at times, alot of people make alot of spelling mistakes and such. Anyways, I liked the game myself, its alot better than some of the crap released, and for an RPG it is VERY good to see soemone finish one. Good work mate and don't take what these guys are sayign to heart, I'm sure alot fo them are jealous that you actually finished a game.
Posted by Flaxo 2nd September, 2004

The link doesn't work :(
Posted by gozial 15th July, 2014
Rated :

This game's very glitchy and collision detection for the game bounces when touching the edge which makes it very awkward maneuvering indoors. Having midi's change at every house and location is pretty annoying too because it disrupts the gameplay by freezing the game momentarily.

This happens alot since the designer got carried away, making the midi's change even on the same frame.

I end up getting lost and not knowing what to do. Ine tells you to go train at the dojo with Tazu but he doesn't really say anything but it looks like you have to go "rest up" first, then fight him. Why couldn't she tell you that? Anyways, during that fight you can't even beat Tazu and neither can he, I spent about 30 minutes trying to beat him but how was I supposed to know that you can't if there is no indication of Tazu's health meter?

Another down side is that I can't even get the game in full-screen properly, I think people would like the option to play games on the computer in full screen unless it's a web application or something that has no choice.

Didn't like anything that pertained to the game.

The best part of the entire game is the UFO minigame in the arcade but that doesn't really count for the game since it's not needed to progress.
Final thoughts:
I'm not sure if I should rate this game because it feels very buggy.

A huge disappointment to Sonic and Shenmue fans. Putting in two really fun videogame franchises together, I at least expect the game to not be ridden with bugs.

Edit: I've got the game from Sonic Fan Games HQ so this might not be the same version
Comment edited by gozial on 15/07/2014





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