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Defender Of Grim
Author: Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) Submitted: 10th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 282

Edited By Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 9/13/2004

You control DOG (an acronym for Defender Of Grim) in your mission to protect the last of an endangered alien species, known as Grim. Protect them from what, you say? Well, the endless horde of evil slimes that live only for the taste of the poor creatures. Your arsenal against the slimes includes bombs, lasers, shields, and the ability to radiate the ground.

Unlike most Action games, the main character in DOG cannot die. Grims, however, can die, and if you lose all of your Grims you'll lose the game. The game gets more difficult as you progress, unlocking new enemies with powerful abilities that will test your Grim saving skills to the max.

- 5 different weapons
- 5 different enemies
- Frantic score-based action
- Unlockable extras; minigames, cheats and more!
- Set records based on several aspects of gameplay
- "Smart" scrolling engine
- Bloodthirsty gore engine with realistic physics
- Adrenaline-pumping metal sound track featuring the works of Dream Theatre, Pantera, Sepultura and Slayer
- Minimalist HUD for maximum visibility

The main download is a version of DOG that operates at a resolution of 640x480 and fills the rest of the window with a black border if your resolution is higher, but the graphics are kept in their normal proportions and look nicer. If you'd like to play a version of DOG that stretches to fill your screen resolution albeit slightly distorting the graphics, download from the URL below:

[EDIT] The current version screenshots are now up.

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Posted by Muggus 10th September, 2004

Very cool game. I like the concept, and I must commend you on the menu system thing.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 11th September, 2004

Thanks, Muggus!
Posted by Smeggy 12th September, 2004

Its about time you released something Rick. Its just a pitty it wasn't KD2. :P
Posted by Lelle 12th September, 2004

Looks alot like spacerancher... ( Downloading >>>
Posted by Lelle 12th September, 2004

Can't download. :(
Posted by Kris 12th September, 2004

great stuff, well done :D
Posted by Kris 12th September, 2004

one thing I noticed though - I entered my name before starting the game, but I had to enter it again on the high score page. huh?
Posted by Garth Murray 12th September, 2004

Great game. I like the extras.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 12th September, 2004

Thanks for the comments... and I promise I'll get KD2 out some day, Jon! Kris, the name you enter before you play is used for any records you set. The name after is just for your high score. I probably should have made them the same thing :P Thanks for putting this on the front page, Circy! :)
Posted by Smeggy 13th September, 2004

Yeah you'd better... It's almost been a year already. :P
Posted by Smeggy 13th September, 2004

You should submit this at KU Rick...





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