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Paint Ball
Author: Kalle T Submitted: 19th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 153

Edited By Kalle T on 7/2/2005

a game with unusal scrolling effect made in TGF.
the game is partly in swedish!! but you only have two buttons to click "start" and "quit"!
You probably figure out witch one you should press!

If you wonder about the names above the charaters in the game! We are four guys playing paint ball in real life.
the game was made as a present to Stefan, who is the main charater!


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Posted by Nuklear41 20th September, 2004

this is good. really good. love the graphics. really love the graphics. good game 10/10
Posted by Assault Andy 20th September, 2004

It might be good, if I could download it! Link seems to be broken.
Posted by Kalle T 20th September, 2004

if the download donīt work go to site!!
Posted by Liquixcat 20th September, 2004

very nice... couple of things 1. start of game...if you go doesn't stop you. 2. running AND aiming (like a strafe idea) would be sweet 3. english version?? i dunno....?? prolly more things...but i only played it for like 2 minutes
Posted by Joshua M. 20th September, 2004

P8ntball? That would make something like Paith-nt-ball XD. Anyway, cool game. The graphics are cool.
Posted by 20th September, 2004

y is it swedish y not american and swedish???
Posted by Assault Andy 20th September, 2004

It's okay. Is this a game? It felt more like an engine to me.
Posted by Zimtower 20th September, 2004

FINNALY!, finnally someone created a paintball game that actually looks like a paintball course.good job!
Posted by Kalle T 20th September, 2004

Hi folks!! there is nothing wierd about the name of the game "P8ntball" its a common spelling by people how plays the game!
Posted by Vejii 21st September, 2004

File doesn't exicist :\
Posted by DukeMS 21st September, 2004

Error 404
Posted by Kalle T 21st September, 2004

I donīt know why? but the file dissapears from the site!! this is the second time now! Itīs working now. But for how long??
Posted by Zimtower 21st September, 2004

use sitesled man, dont use hosts that youve seen in ads.
Posted by AndyUK 22nd September, 2004

mabye the bandwidth for downloads is limited. So you can go to the website but can't download anything.
Posted by Joey Drasal 9th February, 2005

The controls need work.
Posted by Kalle T 11th February, 2005

No they donīt!!! stand still when you are shooting!!!!
Posted by KevinHaag 14th June, 2005

Meh... Controls suck...
Posted by Kalle T 27th June, 2005

no they dont!
Posted by Terry Lek 31st August, 2005

Can't even launch the darn game when downloaded
Posted by Kalle T 1st September, 2005

Posted by phraZe 3rd September, 2005

Kalle.. Du borde nog fixa till kontrollerna lite :P rätt jobbigt om man är van med Q3, HL2 osv






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