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Author: Nuklear41 Submitted: 26th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 88

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Eh, I know it doesn't look the best but boy golly your right. This is just a fast drumming game that I made really fast. See, I want a drum set, this shall suit me until then. It hase 5 different noises that it makes when you hit a button.

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Posted by Joshua M. 26th November, 2004

Sheesh. And you say your 'games' are better than DS Stickwar? Not even close man. Dude that drum doesn't even have good drum sounds! 1/10 for this one.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 26th November, 2004

"2 min to make." Why not people just make one them selves then. Or you could write a tutorial for it. Unless it's only 10 lines of code XD
Posted by DaVince 26th November, 2004

The reason I don't post often is because I ONLY post an app when it's totally FINISHED, and if it WEREN'T created within 2 MINUTES!
Posted by Joshua M. 26th November, 2004

Everybody vote down now :D:D
Posted by Flava 26th November, 2004

I reviewed your game for you because I was bored and I wanted to tell you how good it is.. cough. There are some suggestions in my review that you may want to read.. yet again if you read it, you may realise how bad your drum simulator is x)
Posted by AfterStar 26th November, 2004

Bah I think he just post stuff to get DCpoints,can't see any other reason! And that is lame! Consider this:IF everybody sumbitted a 2min-to make game/app the TDC will get overfloated with garbage and at the end,everybody will get bored and annoyed and stay out from TDC...THINK OF IT!
Posted by 26th November, 2004

Whats so great about DC points?!?!?! they do nothing for u?@!?@?!@?!?@!?@?!@? He is just making games that entertain simple minded people?!?@!?@!?@!?@!?
Posted by DaVince 26th November, 2004

..And then your DCpoints wouldn't be anything worth anymore...
Posted by 26th November, 2004

??? i dont under stand heppigamer talk ok so dont talk to me in my oun language please
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 26th November, 2004

billybobishjoish1738129428174812912 ?@!?@?!@?!?@!? What the fuck are you talking about!? ?@!?@?!@?!?@!? Do you think people will download a 'drum-simulator' made in 2 minutes and that got that kind of review ?@!?@?!@?!?@!? YOU, my friend, is 'simple-minded' and one of the worst spellers the world has ever seen. So please, keep out from this will ya? ok..? OK?@!?@?!@?!?@!?
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2004

Who gave it thumbs up? My prediction: Billybobjoe
Posted by 醤油の兵士 26th November, 2004

/me agrees with Circy
Posted by 26th November, 2004

What is wrong with you Wartagon i am just stating the facts!
Posted by Flava 27th November, 2004

The fact is - this game sucks.
Posted by Joshua M. 27th November, 2004

who the hell voted up
Posted by Stian B. 27th November, 2004

Lets find the author and the guys who voted up,and burn them alive.Then we can be sure they never be back and submit more candies for the man below :D
Posted by vortex2 27th November, 2004

I voted thumbs up :D.
Posted by Ecstazy 27th November, 2004

The download took longer than the time it kept me entertained.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th November, 2004

I don't want to sound rude, but one of the key requirements of a drum simulator is having samples that sound remotely like drums.
Posted by JackVegas 27th November, 2004

awww man....whats happening to our beloved klik-community?
Posted by The Chris Street 27th November, 2004

We're having a massive admin meeting in the forums right now to deal with such issues ;) Hopefully some will be resolved soon and TDC will be a much better place for everyone.
Posted by Joshua M. 28th November, 2004

Yay I'm looking forward to it.
Posted by AfterStar 30th November, 2004

I don't like TDC as it is at the present.... ! I have seen lots and lots of "joke-games" been submitted lately and many flaming and insulting which i dislike ! Just like Vanilla said:WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BELOVED KLIK-COMMUNITY? I hope the Admins fix this problem.
Posted by Joshua M. 30th November, 2004

I don't believe it can be fixed :(, there will never be a time that everyone will be the same and create the same great games.
Posted by Toxic 7th February, 2005

You n00b.
Posted by Kingson 28th April, 2005

nuklear your games are just a piece of shit so leave the community





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