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Author: Nuklear41 Submitted: 2nd June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 92

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Here is a little game that I cooked up called Browser. It is my first puzzle game. The object of browser is to get yor brick (the colorful one) to the pink finish thing. It may sound easy but there is alot you need to accomplish. Here is a little bit about the game.

When the background of the level is.....

GRAY: No special moves
RED: Pre set purple boosters
BLUE: You can shoot little projectiles at brown bricks to destroy them. You shoot with W,A,S,D. This will shoot in what direction you choose.
GREEN: Other Bricks will shoot projectiles at you. They shoot in the direction they are in every 3 seconds.
PURPLE: There are yellow bricks that will jump around. Either left and right or up and down.
ORANGE: There are little blue blocks that will not jump, MOVE around in either left and right or up and down.

(The only brick that will stop you is brown. The others like the shooters you will go through. The yellow and blue bricks will hurt you though.)

Every five levels the background color changes so the special power will stay with you after the color changes.

There are thrity levels and I find it to be a very fun game.

Please leave feedback. Postitive or negative. Anything helps.

(When moving in game try not to hold down your moving button. WIll mess up game)

If you find any glitches or errors in the game. Please tell me. HAVE FUN!!!!!

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Posted by Nuklear41 2nd June, 2005

I like the new look! Who ever did that. Looks good.
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd June, 2005

I don't think Level 5 is passable. As for the game itself, I think its probably your best work to date. It could have done with some presentation improvements, and some music, but overall, not bad. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd June, 2005

Oh wait, Level 5 is passable.
Posted by axel 3rd June, 2005

1. Freewebs! If you have a sitesled account, why don't you use it?!! 2. No inspiration from HyperCube? XD 3. Why isn't it grid based? That suxxors. 4. Go download Pink: prime instead :D
Posted by Joshua M. 3rd June, 2005

Well, I have to admit, you have finally got your brains to work. For that, one thumb up. But I hated the graphics, there was no music and it's stolen. Three thumbs down. 1 - 3 = -2 So, two thumbs down
Posted by Noyb 3rd June, 2005

While an unoriginal concept, the levels themselves are actually fun, and require thought. I just hate that the game kicks you back a level if you die, which is especially irritating on levels which start shooting at you after three seconds. Maybe you could have the levels pause at the start until you press enter. It's just frustrating to replay levels that I already beat, especially in a puzzle game that requires good timing, as the later levels do. Nuklear, this is your best yet, on the basis of gameplay. The presentation and graphics are still... mediocre. I was intrigued enough to beat all 30 levels and got a "Congradulations" screen. You all should too, unless you want to feel like you've been outsmarted by Nuklear.
Posted by Nuklear41 3rd June, 2005

Thanks! I got slopy with the title and finish frame. I did not put sound in or anything because it didn't seem like the game that would have it. Music maybe, but not sounds.
Posted by The Chris Street 5th June, 2005

Its a shame you put this game on such a crap host, it had the potential to be a GOTW nominee. I can't change the GOTW poll now, but in the future you'd be wise to switch to a better host :)
Posted by axel 5th June, 2005

'I can't change the GOTW poll now' i remember you adding in some1's(think it was phizzy's) game to the GOTW two days after the first nominees :O
Posted by Nuklear41 5th June, 2005

Because of the host it is not on the gotw. That is messed up. It is still a fast download. I can't get the sitesled account to work.
Posted by DaVince 6th June, 2005

It's fast for YOU only 'cause you are the site admin! For everyone else it downloads with max 5kb / s.
Posted by DaVince 6th June, 2005

Wow! You should improve this a bit more and it will be great!
Posted by The Real Evil Kitty(Draconianware) 7th June, 2005

yeah I thinks you schould ad some hentai to it
Posted by DaVince 8th June, 2005

That NOT. XD
Posted by Nuklear41 8th June, 2005

Wow! I was just thinking that!
Posted by Himserka 8th June, 2005

Good game.
Posted by Nuklear41 10th June, 2005

Thanks. Your kindof creepy.
Posted by Nuklear41 13th June, 2005

No he just usess my pictures as avatars.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 7th August, 2005

awsome game, finally beat it too good job, your skills are greatly improving! :D
Posted by Nuklear41 15th August, 2005

Posted by Hempuli 5th December, 2005

Waste paper bin is your destiny, Nuklear.

But this really is your best game!





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