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Wacko Plus!
Author: K@czor_PL Submitted: 4th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 62

Edited By K@czor_PL on 2/4/2005

Wacko Plus is a game based on a very popular Whack the Wacko (Or something like that, i'm not sure) but upgraded and modified by me.

I've added bonus commentaries straight from UT2004 for hitting wackos I've also included Serious Sam Fight music. It's a weird combination but it works

It's my very old production and now i'm making Wacko 2 (more options, better gameplay) but I just wanted to put Wacko Plus here on TDC

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Posted by radex 4th February, 2005

Posted by AndyUK 4th February, 2005

well I hope you graphics are better than your spelling. yeah it seems pretty good. There isn't much to it though, and is there an end? or does it go on forever.
Posted by K@czor_PL 5th February, 2005

You just need to set on Point Limit, Wacko limit or time limit :)
Posted by Slawogames 5th February, 2005

przeca my tu możem se pogawaritz po polskiemu nie ?
Posted by Slawogames 5th February, 2005

ooo dzieki Wam za głosy na WCP :))))) 8pkt hohohoho
Posted by K@czor_PL 5th February, 2005

Można, ale ludzie nie zrozumieją i mi to wpłynie ujemnie na opinie :) /// It seems that Slawo doesn't know english :D :joke:
Posted by Slawogames 5th February, 2005

Ok :) Let's talk in English. Very good job but ! I would like not so long time playing in round, can you make some difficulties and short time ? I know is settings in game but in computer mode is so long game. To był mój kiepski angielski :D
Posted by *PoW* 5th February, 2005

Wolę gadać po polsku bo zawsze mnie opieprzają za błędy :P Swoją drogą po 22 nie każdy jest trzeźwy....
Posted by K@czor_PL 5th February, 2005

I've told them to speak english but they don't listen :) So let's get back to my game :)
Posted by Slawogames 5th February, 2005

back back, to Phizzy: we love our language, english is difficult fo me :D
Posted by K@czor_PL 6th February, 2005

Maybe japanese? :) No, not "Truzzezzuwee" but "chazvee" or something like that :) Yes, I know it's stupid but that's not my fault :) But that was suppose to be topic about my game, dammit :D
Posted by Chrisbo 7th February, 2005

ha those animals are funny looking.
Posted by Fanotherpg 7th February, 2005

"trzeźwy" means sober,consciousness and if somebody want i can translate all what was wrought in polish, or write it in swedish :P
Posted by DaVince 12th February, 2005

Well, I'm Dutch, but I type English on this site all the time. And much more people know how to read/write English. And this site is all in English. So type English, all of you non-English typing fools. Btw, the game looks nice, but it's a bit too orange for me.
Posted by Slawogames 15th February, 2005

dobra, bedziem godać po angilsku




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