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Author: ben mercer Submitted: 1st May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 198

Simply put, Immaturaty at it's best.

Soundtrack was created by me in Cubase in 10 minutes, 5 (minutes) of which were pitch shifting my voice which took ages to process.

Please, if you are a disgruntled mcfly fan, don't post comments because this game obviously wasn't designed for you!

This game is quite gory and probably shouldnt be downloaded by people under 15 years old.

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Posted by AsparagusTrevor 1st May, 2005

Don't worry about upsetting McFly fans, I don't think there are any 13 year-old girls who post here.
Posted by ChrisB 1st May, 2005

Gory? Hah. GTA has more gore than this and it's only a 12*! But I'm with the anti-McFly sentiment. *when you get your mum/big brother to buy it for you
Posted by wario 2nd May, 2005

Cool game man, keep it up!
Posted by wario 2nd May, 2005

I know a couple girls that love GTA games, now thats cool XD
Posted by ben mercer 2nd May, 2005

RE: Firemonkey I was thinking of the severed heads impaled on flagpoles at the end. I guess their gory in a kind of corny and badly drawn kinda way so it doesnt matter.
Posted by axel 2nd May, 2005

they're called transvestites, wario.
Posted by Sean Kelly 2nd May, 2005

when you said gory i was hoping for a game where you take the fly gys and nail them to crosses, beat them with metal chains,drill there eyes out, piss in there eye sockets, and light them on fire...oh well....(im kidding.....just so you tight wads dont get on my case and theink im realy like NOT)
Posted by Windybeard Games 2nd May, 2005

i am, whats wrong with a little sensless, unprovoked carnage every once in a while
Posted by Joshua M. 7th May, 2005

Yeah, like Cruelties! ;) :P
Posted by ben mercer 11th May, 2005

OI! The 4 people who voted thumbs down for this? I thought we'd established there werent any 13 yr old girls on this site?
Posted by Agent Fish (mike) 12th May, 2005

GREAT FUN, download this game or the commie will...





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