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Hovercraft 2!
Author: ben mercer Submitted: 17th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 510

Hi people,

You may have downloaded that buggy hovercraft engine i uploaded a day or so ago, well, I fixed it!

This new version includes:

-Reallistic game physics including normal collisions and angular velocity.
-A cool particle effect that looks like the hovercraft is kicking up dust.
-New advanced super-duper scrolling techinque!
-I went to town with this one, and even threw in some decent (not mmf sprite ed) graphics.

Hope you like this and I hope you find it useful to create cool games with cool physics!

PS. The engine would be quite slow at the moment if you got it to support multiple objects, so i'd recommend writing a condition which only performs collision detection when the object has actually moved a pixel.

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Posted by JeanPhil 17th May, 2005

this suck, there is no game!
Posted by -Vinny- 17th May, 2005

then make one, and stop complaining
Posted by Gaspy Conana 17th May, 2005

you don't still get stuck in the wall do you?
Posted by Jack Galilee 18th May, 2005

all you need to do is make this handel multiple objects and rotate when it colides and add some gravity and you will have a very decent physics engine capable of creating ragdoll
Posted by Simon Colmer 18th May, 2005

god why are people to arogant? I think its gr8, well done!
Posted by ben mercer 18th May, 2005

RE: JeanPhil This is not meant to be a game. it is a engine for YOU to put in your game. Hence it being in the "engines" section. And I wouldn't really describe "this suck" as constructive criticism. RE: Gaspy Conana No, I have fixed it so that you don't get stuck in the wall anymore. RE:ToTaL Yup ragdoll will be coming shortly. Gravity is just a force applied to the objects Y velocity. As for rotation when it collides, that is complicated if you want to get it accurate. It relies on constrained particles. I know how to calculate constraints though, so it is possible. With a little tweaking, I reckon you could use this to make a pretty decent platform engine! ===== 3 people voted thumbs down to this engine. Can you tell me what dissatisfied you about it?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 18th May, 2005

I like it, it could be made into an interesting game. Also the graphics are very nice for a engine.
Posted by Matt Boothman 18th May, 2005

It's really good, but not perfect. For example: When you collide from one wall into another, sometimes it goes through. Also, I noticed the turning was a little erratic, until you turned the "Global Air Density" up a little (about 10 or so). Great effort though.
Posted by ben mercer 18th May, 2005

RE: Noodle Thanks a bunch for pointing that out!! I think i have fixed it now, the file is updated so you could download again and see.
Posted by Jack Galilee 19th May, 2005

I realised the Y axis can apply gravity lol, I just would like to see this in a ragdoll form I dont have time to write my own!
Posted by ben mercer 19th May, 2005

Yeah well like i said, it's on it's way. Sorry if it appeared that I was treating you like a dumbass :p i didn't mean it like that
Posted by ben mercer 19th May, 2005

ATTENTION! The file has been updated again and now supports multiple objects. Unfortunately the objects don't bounce against each other yet. The non-player objects' AI is pretty much random, but it sufficiently demonstrates the -ahem- multiple object supportiveness of the engine.
Posted by Jack Galilee 20th May, 2005

;) I like this guy hes innovative!
Posted by ben mercer 20th May, 2005

Sorry in the current version, you may find that you get stuck in walls again. this issue is being addressed.
Posted by clwe 20th May, 2005

You'll find that the people who vote thumbs down generally don't tell you diddly squat. Well, other than "this game sux!!" =P Don't expect a constructive reply from them. Anyways, this is really rather good. The inertia is genrally spot on and I like how the camera moves to let you see further ahead in the direction you're going. More 2D games ought to do that. The turning is perhaps a bit too sensitive (it's not for precise movement), but that's my only quibble.
Posted by ben mercer 20th May, 2005

i have not yet added ground friction (swap the hovercrafts for cars). I'm just trying work out how to make the friction greater sideways and less forwards (the wheels of the car poibnt forwards).





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