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The Infinite Ocean
Author: Jonas Kyratzes Submitted: 30th May, 2005 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 136

Edited By Jonas Kyratzes on 6/5/2005

What is life? What is thought? Is there hope? Is there meaning?

How will it all end?

The Infinite Ocean is a free adventure game by Jonas Kyratzes. It deals with some profound philosophical ideas and questions; the story is something you must discover for yourself. TIO is a complex game that requires much thought, but it is also very rewarding to play - and quite scary.

Written and designed by Jonas Kyratzes.
Programmed by Kevin Clancy.
Music by Adam DiTroia.

"Turn the lights down, hike the volume up and fall into this brief but brilliant adventure." - Retro Gamer magazine

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Posted by Assault Andy 31st May, 2005

Sounds like a good game, I think it could really benefit from some screenshots however.
Posted by Ski 2nd June, 2005

I quit as i became nervy at the strange and weird music. well.. i say i quit.. it crashed.
Posted by Willy C 2nd June, 2005

add screens please, and I might download
Posted by hishnak 2nd June, 2005

Cool. Very spooky. This reminds me of the original Myst. I loved that game. I couldn't figure out the password for the computer so I stoppedXD
Posted by contra 2nd June, 2005

Very interesting game. I thank you for the experience.
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 3rd June, 2005

Simply incredible work. My only suggestion is to make it so you can use the Numpad when entering the codes - Entering a 32-digit code with the mouse is a pain in the arse. I played it from start to end and loved it. The graphics are incredible, the story is great.
Posted by Joshua M. 5th June, 2005

Whoa... I haven't played adventures for years. This was a great game. It was so mysterious, creepy, but actually, nothing happens. Really interesting. :) I really liked this game! Thumbs up!
Posted by Jonas Kyratzes 5th June, 2005

Thanks for your kind comments! They are deeply appreciated - as you all know, making games is always tough, and feedback helps one continue without being too grumpy. :) I've added some screenshots for those who wanted them.
Posted by Joshua M. 8th June, 2005

Lol, not that you can see much on them XD but thanks anyway :p You really need to play the game itself to find out how creepy the game is
Posted by 8th August, 2005

i like kitties im downloadeine right now i cant wait






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