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Tinmen Brown revisited
Author: MichaelParent Submitted: 5th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 81

Edited By MichaelParent on 6/8/2005

Hi everyone

You may recall the original Tinmen Brown from a long time ago. I've recently had time to improve some of the graphics, controls, physics, and most importantly the learning curve. (Most people found the original unbearibly difficult.)
I hope you enjoy.

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Posted by Ski 6th June, 2005

the title image reminds me of I robot when theyre all stood in rows in the factory, ready to be dispatched!
Posted by Ski 6th June, 2005

Btw whats fire? Ive tried all buttons that i thought possible, and space and enter were the only ones that did anything..
Posted by Noyb 6th June, 2005

Why doesn't it refill lives at the title screen after game over? Fun, though.
Posted by Jason Dudie 6th June, 2005

who's Tinmwn? i couldn't figure out how to begin playing.
Posted by Nuutti 7th June, 2005

I think it is Tinmen, not Tinmwn. Typo maybe?
Posted by Ski 7th June, 2005

jason neither could i dont worry.
Posted by MichaelParent 7th June, 2005

Thanks for trying my game everyone :) If you have a controlpad plugged in the controls default to that (which button on your controlpad is jump will depend on the particular model). If not, the left Shift key is jump (also begin). There is no attack in this game.
Posted by Sean Kelly 8th June, 2005

Pretty Kewl! A little too hard for me though...





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