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Planet of Cartmans 2 v.1.1
Author: Max Submitted: 27th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 293

Edited By Max on 7/2/2005

He's back...

Everyone thought that Cartman was dead, but seeing that this game is being made, well... he's not. He's back for yet more abuse along his endless cohorts of Cartmans. He has a new diabolical plan up his sleeve: which is to convert Earth into his self! Okay, this isn't a new plan at all... but he's got a whole new set of tricks in order to make sure that his plan won't be a failure. A whole lot of new, fearsome Cartmans have been created with new manipulations of the Cartmanite virus that Cartman used to terrorize the universe. It seems like he's gotten better with manipulating it, as well! He's also created fearsome guardians that look invincible... maybe they actually are invincible? Who knows?

Things aren't looking very brighter, as well. Kenny is nowhere to be found anymore and the Cartman army which suddently reappeared was left without opposition. There's even rumors that Kenny has been made a prisoner by Cartman's most trusted lieutenant. Seems like there's no hope for humanity seeing that no one can counter this Cartman swarm, right? Well, help do comes from an unexpected person: Stan. Stan, who everyone thought died to Wendy's wrath as she did become a Cartman herself. It turns out he wasn't that dead at all neither and he's coming back to his senses, ready to exact revenge on the fatass that wanted to turn the entire Earth into his own self. He's got one really long road ahead of him, but somewhere along the way, he'll hopefully find back the trace that shall lead to his friend Kenny and his former flame Wendy, who shall both be likely to help him settle the score with Cartman once for all.

In Planet of Cartmans 2, you shall guide our friends through 30 levels of mayhem, destruction, Cartmans, traps and even vehicules through a totally new platform world with an engine that's been fully revamped ever since the first Planet of Cartmans. Characters now can walk, run, jump and swim their way through the levels, as well than shoot tons of Cartmans out of their existence, all with 8 different weapons. Old favorite weapons include the weak but ultimately always present blaster gun, a more powerful version of this blaster gun that can take Cartmans down in a hurry, the well-liked shotgun, which instantly hit enemies from a distance, the devastating bazooka and the smartgun, which fires away bullets like crazy. New additions to the weaponry include a chainsaw, which is ideal for close combat and sadistic satisfaction, the strategic, yet deadly grenade and the ultimate weapon of them all, the exterminator. This weapon must be seen in action to be believed. Scenery-wise, the Cartmans seems to have placed themselves in more varied places as well... in your adventure, you shall guide the kids through a large variety of places, such as sewers, an abandoned town, an underwater base and even a desolate space station filled with hi-tech wizardry. Will you succeed into finding Cartman's hideout and kill him off for good before he enslaves the entire universe?


- Play as Stan, Kenny and Wendy (who are both playable at a later point in the game) through 30 levels that are even crazier than in the original game. Each character has his/her own abilities and you can switch between characters at any moment.
- Blast the Cartmans out of their miserable, mindless existence using 8 deadly weapons.
- Dozens of different Cartmans having their own abilities will make your life a living hell. Each of them will require different skills and strategies to handle.
- A storyline that shall guide you through the definite fall of Cartman's empire and all the other events that do relate to it through cutscenes.
- Play through 3 different difficulty settings: Pathetic Sissy, Ready For Action and Cartman Killer. Each different skill shall throw out more/less enemies at you whilst giving you more/less health. There's even a different ending for each difficulty setting!
- An original, atmospheric MIDI soundtrack that help establishing the menacing mood of the game.
- Explore a variety of environnments in your hunt for the fatass that want to take over Earth.
- Ride several vehicules such as submarines, jets and spaceships that shall help you gain the advantage over Cartman's forces.
- Saving system that automatically saves your progress as you play. You can replay any of the levels you've cleared, any time you want!
- That's enough features for now, see the full game by yourself to see the rest!

EDIT: This new version of the game is smaller and fixes some major bugs related to the game's ending.

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 (15.24mb )

Posted by Dark (DOE) 27th June, 2005

Looks definitely strange, but may be interesting, Im not a fan of South Park but this may be neat...*checks his 56k and preps it for the long download*...ah now I may start downloading... Touchee!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 28th June, 2005

I love Southpark...but my it would take me waaay to long to download this. :(
Posted by AndyUK 28th June, 2005

why is this so large? are there a million wavs from south park or something?
Posted by Dark (DOE) 28th June, 2005

I assume the levels are fairly long...I had to cancel last night because I wanted to play Runescape but the download was only half done lol...I'll re-dl later
Posted by thinlikenate 28th June, 2005

ouch! my intelligence!
Posted by Liquixcat 29th June, 2005

too big
Posted by Sean Kelly 30th June, 2005

Yeah, Like everyone else here has said the file is much too large. I cant download with my puny 56K modem. Have you thought about amking a lite version? Like with less waves and music...?
Posted by Matt Boothman 2nd July, 2005

Junkman is back! Maxime Tondreau from the grave!
Posted by Max 2nd July, 2005

I've just released a new version of the game which manages to fix some of the problems that the first version has, such as the ending sequences not working right and the game crashing when the final boss has been killed. The game's size is also smaller, as well. The game's now 15 megs big. That's the most I can trim the game down to, a great bulk of the game's size comes from the number of levels and their length: you have a complete 3 hour game within this for sure. Even if the size of the game do turn you off, I encourage you all to try it out. Unlike a great load of fan games, it do feature many original elements, such as a home-made functionnal engine and a fully hand-drawn MIDI soundtrack. There are some unoriginal graphics there and there, but I've spent some time to make more graphics by myself in this game, unlike some of my past efforts. The end result is that the game's fun and I assure you that if you give it a proper chance, there's a high chance you might end up liking it in the end.
Posted by Beamer 2nd July, 2005

I've got a 56k modem too, and while it did take over an hour to download, it was well worth it. Don't let the fact it's a South Park game put you off - aside from the characters, it doesn't have too much to do with the show, and it's a brilliant game. A good, original engine, huge, well-designed levels and challenging difficulty. This game's got everything a good game should have, and I am really impressed by it. I urge everyone here who's immediately looking down on it for being a fan game to look past that, download it and give a good play. You won't regret it. 5 stars!
Posted by Juho Paavola 3rd July, 2005

Good game, it's a must. I agree with everything Beamer has said earlier. It has original and good engine, cool levels and a challenging difficulty. 5 stars indeed.





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