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Planet of Cartmans
Author: Max Submitted: 23rd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 155

BEWARE! Fangame ahead!

This is a game that I've been working on since Novemeber 2000 and finished it on March 2001. In this game you play the part of Kenny, which unfortunately get sent into space for experiment reasons. One year later, he regains the control of his spaceship and gets sent to a totally unknown planet. This planet, however, is filled with...Cartmans!! They may be brainless, stupid and annoying, but they're not lacking in numbers and weaponry. Your mission is to find out what's wrong there and wipe out these Cartmans using whichever weaponry you can find. This is not going to be an easy task, but with your skill, wits, and big weapons you have a chance of succeeding in your dangerous task.

I know, this game uses a lot of borrowed graphics from the TGF libraries, but there's a simple reason to it. I CAN'T DRAW!! I just can't. If you review this game and give it a low score just because of the graphics, I'll just ignore your comment. I don't care that my game looks outstanding or anything, as my aim isn't to make a game which'll exhaust me and take forever to complete. I made it this way because I have fun doing so.

Oh well, enough trying to fend the controversy, so let's skip to the feature list of the game!

- 20 levels with different enemies, obstacles and themes
- 4 Cartman-crushing weapons. Zap them silly with the blaster, blow their brains out with the shotgun, make them into separate pieces with the dreaded bazooka and cleanup the whole room with a mighty SMG!
- Wicked platform action.
- Entirely original MIDI soundtrack! (see, there's something original at least with this game )
- Many, many types of Cartman to face up. Some exemples are: the normal brainless Cartman falling off platforms and stuff, gun-wielding Cartmans, heavily-armored Cartmans, Air Patrol Cartmans, and the mighty SMG-wielding enforcer.
- More stuff, can't be arsed to mention it all...

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. If your only comments are "this is a SP game it sucks LOL", you may as well not give any comment at all. I know that everybody is not obligated to like fan games, but isn't the primary objective of a game is to have great gameplay? Oh well, just try playing it with an open mind, ok?

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Posted by ACE_Spark 23rd August, 2002

Im thinking of writing a Article about why do ppl have it in for Fangames. I'm gonna download this game and re-view, mehk?
Posted by ACE_Spark 23rd August, 2002

actually, the think about bad South Park fan games.... I only found one or two that sucked, most I downloaded were decent, and some were Excellents.
Posted by Max 23rd August, 2002

ok, thanks ACE. Hope you'll like the game :)
Posted by slipknot 6 sic 6 24th August, 2002

i like this game alot.
Posted by Muggus 24th August, 2002

Besides using TGF and Southpark graphics, and have not so good gameplay...this game is damn good I reckon! If you changed everything from something other than South Park, I reckon it'd be a decent platform game! Certainly got me going for a while...good job!
Posted by Unknown Member Guy Man 24th August, 2002

Bravo, junkman somebody who isnt afraid to release a game he just made to have fun..i admire you
Posted by harry 24th August, 2002

Well Junkman, I Being A Guy Who Makes South Park Games, Should compliment you........................... So I Will: Well Done Junkman Good Game. And I Need Help On TLK That Game Is Possibly The Most Addictive Click Game Ever.Thanks
Posted by PxG 24th August, 2002

Yea its a good game man
Posted by PxG 24th August, 2002

Yea its a good game man
Posted by Canazza 24th August, 2002

Some newer people wouldn't remember what happened with the old southpark games. Many of them were decent games created by decent clickers in Knp. Now, since KnP was open source, it could be edited by ANYONE. And that happened. Many a click game was 're-invented' as it were, as a southpark game and the original creators never got a mention. This is one reason why so many people dislike fan-games. The other is that many fangames are sub-standard tripe. but i think i remember this one being okay.
Posted by Max 24th August, 2002

Thanks for all your comments guys, keep it up :) Canazza, I know what you mean. There's even some guy who posted recently on DC a SP game using ripped graphics from South Park Arcade 3. He didn't changed anything and kept the counters, original graphics and even ripped the whole train level! That kind of people just disgusts me. Ripping anything = lame! Ok, people doing this get liked for some time, but once it's discovered, the guy should better hide himself... :)
Posted by Jen Trinkl 24th August, 2002

I've played this game lots of times. If you think the game stinks because it's got South Park characters, you're a closed-minded bastard. This game rules. Thank you, thank you very much.
Posted by Max 25th August, 2002

Posted by artisan rune 27th August, 2002

i resent your comments junkman. I made that BETA! I'M NOT GOOD AT MAKING GRAPHICS SO I USED THE SPA3 graphics BECAUSE THEIR SO DAMN GOOD! When I finish the game, i'm gonna add joe's name in the credits, and your name shall by in the "no thanks to" list! bastard ass monkey!
Posted by artisan rune 27th August, 2002

i would of given your game good comments if you hadn't been such an ass! >:(
Posted by Moonyjacob 4th July, 2005

games are starting to get so hard to download:(
Posted by Moonyjacob 4th July, 2005

why wont this game download:P?
Posted by Beamer 5th July, 2005

It won't download because Junkman's moved sites (this is 3 years old, after all). You can still download it from or now.






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