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Santa's Quest (Demo)
Author: Max Submitted: 20th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 224

Yeah, I know it's early to start submitting Christmas games already, but I do have my reasons for submitting it right now.

The following is a game demo I submitted to Daily Click's Christmas Competition back in 2002, where it earned second place. As I submitted the game and waited for the results to come, I never ever got around restarting work on this game due to the incredibly few comments I've gotten on it. Since I'm busy with other projects right now, I'm wondering whether I should resume work on it in order to have the full version ready in time for the Holidays. Enough banter, here's some actual game info now!

Evil Santa wants to take control over the Christmas holiday, and there's no better way to accomplish this feat than stealing all of Santa's presents! Santa must claim his presents back, but it is not going to be easy; Evil Santa's elves are keeping a close watch for the presents and Santa will need to fight them out to claim his goods. As he claims the presents scattered around town, Santa becomes more powerful and gains new abilities and spells that will help him in his battle, such as rapid fire, explosive missiles, decoys that trick out enemies and other power-ups alike.

In this demo, you must claim all of your presents back scattered through the town of Firville in the town's 8 houses. Hope you enjoy!

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Posted by HOSJ 21st November, 2003

Are you Junkman? Sorry... looked in your profile.. Definately Junkman :)
Posted by Andy G 21st November, 2003

Yeah HOSJ. Play the game. The first thing it says "JUNKMAN".
Posted by Andy G 21st November, 2003

Not bad, but I suggest two things: #1. The enemies are kinda hard. Well at least the beginning enemies. It's almost impossible to kill them without getting hurt yourself. #2. I could almost run though the whole level without firing a single round/getting hurt. The game's almost easier to beat if you just ignore the enemies. Maybe try to balance these things out.
Posted by The Chris Street 21st November, 2003

reminds me too much of South Park. I still have this on my hard drive from last year. I still don't like it either :S
Posted by HOSJ 21st November, 2003

Mr. Three; I know, I played the game last year when it was first submitted.
Posted by Max 21st November, 2003

Pardon Me Mr.Three: #1: Did you started the game by clearing the small houses firstly? If not, this is where you should start. In the small houses, there's very few enemies and they have 50% less health than those in the outsdoors area of the city. In the medium-sized houses enemies have a bit more health and on the big houses they're as strong than those found outside in the town. Once you claimed the first handful of presents, you usually should be strong enough to take on the major levels, you just need to approach the houses by size order. #2: Although you can choose to ignore the baddies, you still need to kill them in order to claim the presents, so I'm not quite sure about how the game can be fully played in an "avoidance" way. Could you clarify a bit more about the point you're trying to make here, pretty please? I'm not sure also how I can make it so ignoring enemies would be harder since I'm sure the game's quite hard enough already. Circy: How do that game remind you of South Park in the first place? If it's due to the graphics, well give me a break. I can't draw to save my life at all, yet I've went through the task of drawing most of the graphics myself (with the help of a friend of mine) because the compo's rules obligated people to use original graphics in their entries. I'd also like you to tell me why you didn't liked the game too, because negative constructive critism is mostly what I'm looking for, since this is how I can make the game better in the first place.
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd November, 2003

I don't really know why it reminds me of South Park, it just does :) Maybe it's the snow, maybe its the basic animations, maybe its the heads of the characters...I dunno. I don't really like the game that much because I just find it very repetitive and monotonous. Its like a scrolling Destruction Carnival, and I don't find it so fun. All the ingredients ARE there, they just need to be implemented a little better.
Posted by eX Com 22nd November, 2003

i like it, it's hard at first but once you start getting more presents it gets really fun, good work!





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