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Johhny Dangerous
Author: Jermacs Submitted: 8th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 404

A spin-off of Mission Impossible, Johnny Dangerous is a neat little game. You run around a level climbing ladders, avoiding gunshot, trying to find a computer chip! Though it's gameplay is limited, I bet you'll have a splendid time trying to figure out how to successfully win!

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Posted by Rhys D 8th June, 2002

nice graphics :)
Posted by Oka 9th June, 2002

sweeet. can't download it
Posted by QuADiE 9th June, 2002

works fine work me to D/L
Posted by jast 9th June, 2002

@Oka: right-click and select "save target as".
Posted by jast 9th June, 2002

Nice gfx... I didn't even make it past the second enemy, so I can't really write a review about this game. Nevertheless, you should fix some bugs: there's sometimes an explosion on the left side of the screen when starting the first level; you can climb out of the play area in level one using the first ladder; the engine makes it pretty hard to climb up ladders and and to jump over an abysm. And you should really add a readme... I still didn't find out if I can kill the enemies or not.
Posted by Karl Hedlund 9th June, 2002

I like your website. BTW can you kill them?
Posted by Rikus 9th June, 2002

Posted by Canaryman 9th June, 2002

has anyone played impossible mission on one those old atari/Spectrum consoles? it really was impossible. A bug prevented you from getting to the last boss.
Posted by jast 9th June, 2002

*lol* Never heard of that one...
Posted by 9th June, 2002

you spelt Johnny wrong, you put Johhny :)
Posted by Zircon 9th June, 2002

Well nice graphics.. really nice but what a original name :D:D:D I like it very much
Posted by Canaryman 9th June, 2002

i don't think your meant to kill the baddies, it'd make it too easy. But yeah, it's pretty frustrating when you fall off ladders. I'm thinking of putting up a hypercam Movie of my trying that level. i think it'd be funny.
Posted by JML Games 9th June, 2002

Good Game, I beat the demo,
Posted by 9th June, 2002

The link is broken :'(
Posted by Karl Hedlund 10th June, 2002

Hey Jerry, if you didn't already know geocities doen't allow this kind of links. There are 2 ways to get by their protection. 1: Copy the link URL into the IE URL field. 2: Right mouse click and "save as".
Posted by Jermacs 10th June, 2002

Hey guys, let me verify something. All the credit goes to Aragorn. He's the man behind the game. I'm just the dude who posted it up. Thanks for all the comments, YOU GUYS ROCK!
Posted by Stevo 10th June, 2002

Yo! well, my name's not "aragorn" anymore :P Well, um, er, this is actually a kinda old game of mine, so yeah I used Click & Create's built-in movement (this was before I new how to make my own) so the ladders are really annoying. Sorry about not having a readme, either. No, you can't kill the enemies. It's a kind of sneak-around strategy game. Basically the best part of the game tho, is the guard's field of vision and reactions. :) Thanks for the feedback everyone! Oh, one more thing. Press J-O-H-N in any order for some dynamite, END to throw it :) just in case you can't beat it or something.
Posted by Jarmo 11th June, 2002

Explosions are absolutely cool :D. I like 'em
Posted by 16th July, 2002

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Posted by Árni Fannar Ţráinsson 19th September, 2002

this sucks where did you create this game........






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