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Tuki Tuki Island (demo)
Author: -Nick- Submitted: 21st March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 297

Edited By Noober on 21/03/2006

Edited By Noober on 21/03/2006

Tuki Tuki Island is a platform game about six survivors of a plane crash. They find themselves split up on an island, and must explore it! You can play each level on your own, or cooperatively with a friend.

While on the island, the survivors encounter strange creatures called Tuki Tukis who live in flower covered nests and are easy to pick up and throw around. It's soon clear to the survivors that in order to explore the island, it is necessary to burn, freeze and explode the Tuki Tukis!

How to play:
Player 1: Arrow keys to move, shift to jump, ctrl to grab and throw.
Player 2: RDFG keys to move, Q to jump, A to grab and throw.
Both characters can double jump in the air.
On the title screen press up and down to choose how many players, and left and right to select one of the levels.

This demo only has three levels (25 in the main game, with a story connecting them) and they are all one player or two player. I'm not sure how perfect it all is... so any feedback would be great thanks.

Oh, and the download contains the full screen and windowed versions of the game... i wasn't sure which people liked. This is my first submission to this site so don't abuse me too badly please, i've seen what you do to other people lol. - tiny website

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st March, 2006

Looks great. Why are the modules renamed to TTIs, though?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st March, 2006

Finally a gem through a sea of crap!

Looks great!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st March, 2006

Why does it say zero downloads still?

Posted by -Nick- 21st March, 2006

Cheers, theyre just renamed because i was trying to make the folder look neater by giving stuff the same file extension, then i realised active picture didnt like the bmps like that and it all got a bit messy lol... sorry. This is the website for the people who made the music:, i think Cube Sector (that its name?) got music from there too.
Posted by Moonyjacob 21st March, 2006

It's not bad!. WHAT THE HECK!?. THUMBS UP
Posted by hishnak 21st March, 2006

Nice! a liked the explosions. Thumbs up
Posted by steve 21st March, 2006

This is good, great use of paralax and a decent resolution used Also nice to see the default platform engine wasnt used here.


Here are some pointers to make it better:
* The jumping is not responsive due to you negating the ability to jump when the character is "landing" ie. you should be able to jump straight after hitting the floor.

*On the first level some of the "active" backgrounds that the character can go behind had "cracks" in them; simply make them overlap a bit more to cover it up.

*The little voices were a bit annoying. Maybe an option to turn them off would be great or lower the volume on the wavs

Posted by BeamSplashX 21st March, 2006

That island on the title screen is KILLER!

I wish I had a friend that dressed like a ninja...
Posted by Joshtek 21st March, 2006

This game is fun. Keep up the good work.
Posted by -Nick- 21st March, 2006

Thanks people!

And thanks to steve for the little pointers! Ill sort them out soon!

Has anybody tried out 2 player cooperative mode?
Posted by Moonyjacob 21st March, 2006

i have not played it on 2player yet but would like to
Posted by Nudlez 21st March, 2006

Good game! Fun.
Posted by Arneckian 21st March, 2006

One Word, Exellent.
Posted by Assault Andy 21st March, 2006

I finished it, it was great! I love the graphics style, and the puzzles were interesting. I hope to see the full version soon.
Posted by Ski 22nd March, 2006

I found another fault... When I threw a tuki tuki it got stuck in a wall and span and made its noise continuously... Other than that this is an excellent game and I love the concept.
Posted by -Nick- 22nd March, 2006

Ah i see, I've had it do that once or twice, i couldn't figure out how or why, i honestly cant find out why it does that, the tuki tukis move one pixel a time in a loop, and rarely get stuck.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd March, 2006

I had lost all faith in the modern Kliker. Thank-you for restoring it.
Posted by 22nd March, 2006

This bring's back Adventure Island..
Posted by Hempuli 22nd March, 2006

best!! GRRRRREATTT graphic style!

Circy, i can hear your cry!
Posted by AndyUK 22nd March, 2006

IT's pretty good, but i would like to see more uses of the tukis, you dont really need to use them at all it seems.
Posted by hishnak 22nd March, 2006

Yea,I beat a level thinking they were enemies!
Posted by Darvel 23rd March, 2006

*¤*¤ Marvellous ¤*¤*
Posted by alastair john jack 23rd March, 2006
Rated :

this is absolutely awesome
Posted by mrpectate 23rd March, 2006

Cool game! The graphics and parallaxing are really appealing. This is a quality demo!

My cousin Jenn showed me something. When she continues after dying past the checkpoint thingy in the mountains, she begins in mid-air over a chasm and dies over and over again.

As far as those little "Tuki Tuki" voices go, when I throw them really hard and they are bouncing off the walls, they make that...sound. The one that makes me feel guilty....but then I do it again...and again...and again. Nicely disturbing ;p

Seriously, great looking game!
Posted by -Nick- 23rd March, 2006

Cheers if you download the game again the mountain check point problem will be fixed, i updated it with that bug fix, all the other bugs are fixed, but not on the downloadable version. Thanks for playing/testing it guys!
Posted by Arneckian 23rd March, 2006

I want a Tuki Tuki. They are so cute. I love the noise they make.
Posted by Darvel 23rd March, 2006

[quote Tyscorp : I want a Tuki Tuki.
They are so cute. I love the noise they make.]

lol me too, I want one or two.
They're not for sale ? ^^

Posted by -Nick- 23rd March, 2006

Lol, thats just tempting me to make a pet simulation type thing for them haha, but ill stay focused on Tuki Tuki Island.
Posted by Hempuli 23rd March, 2006

how many pixel borders your sprites have?

Tuki tukis make strange but cute noise when they bounce!! You should add some effects to them(like
a smiling animation, dance(?) etc.)
Posted by -Nick- 23rd March, 2006

What do you mean by how many pixel borders the sprites have? You mean how thick? If so they vary between one and two pixels depending.

The tukis do have other animations, but theyre rare, im going to add more and make them more common.
Posted by AndyUK 24th March, 2006

sounds like some 2x speed of some blokes voice.
Posted by -Nick- 24th March, 2006

Nah, i actually recorded a real tuki tuki being thrown into my bedroom wall over and over again
Posted by vortex2 26th March, 2006

Nice game
Posted by PixelRebirth 26th March, 2006

This totally rocks in coop. Really great work, although I think this is just half the fun in single player.
I'm looking forward to some longer and harder levels in the full game!
Posted by Jenswa 26th March, 2006

In coop, both players can run off-screen?
Posted by -Nick- 26th March, 2006

Yeah sorry about that, if you go off the top/bottom its game over, but ive yet to decide what should happen if you go off either side, sorry!
Posted by joelr_2000 28th March, 2006

fun, not that exciting, giv it a storyline. this rocks
Posted by alastair john jack 1st April, 2006
Rated :

is it almost finished?
Posted by -Nick- 1st April, 2006

No not at all.

For some reason i take a lot longer than everyone else to make stuff... in terms of how much is done... 15%? Maybe... its hard to tell really. I have lots of uni work which is more important right now.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 17th April, 2006

This looks really promising.

The use of Tuki-Tuki's where somewhat too little. You didn't really need them at all. If the game's main focus is on using the Tuki-Tuki's to solve puzzles and such 'n such, they really need to be more integrated with the gameplay.

At one point during the mountain level there's a rock blocking the way. To break that rock you have to throw a (smaller!) rock at it, and right beside you there's a whole mountain of Tuki-Tuki's. That just takes the edge off the Tuki's a bit.

You could have instead had a different kind of Tuki be needed to break the rock. If the player threw an ordninary Tuki at it, the Tuki would bounce of (AND SCREAM!! >D). But if the player used a different kind of Tuki it would break.

And the Tuki's do rock. You could give them some animations and make them walk around doing stuff randomly. Like if two of them bump together they'´ll either get angry and start messing with each other, or they could get happy and start dancing around all cute-like.

When I tried fullscreen mode I only saw one quarter of the 'screen'. The game's area were shifted down-left. So I had a big black stripe on the top and right side.

The game rocks, and when completed it'll probably rock some more. Good work!
Posted by -Nick- 19th April, 2006

Yeah ill get to work on the whole "using tukis more" thing, and ill sort out the rock on the mountain, i think everyone moaned about that .
The Tukis have different animations on different levels now aswell.

Im not sure, but i think the full screen problem you had could be fixed by just adjusting the position on your monitor (maybe an automatic button on your screen?), because its an uncommon resolution.

Thanks for the feedback though!
Posted by alastair john jack 29th January, 2007
Rated :

woo! Is it almost done?
This game is still my favorite love.
Posted by -Nick- 6th February, 2007

No it's not

I'm in the process of making it bigger and better
Posted by alastair john jack 21st March, 2007
Rated :

I love you
Posted by -Nick- 29th March, 2007

I love you too ^^
Posted by Codemonkey 29th July, 2008

What about me.... ;_;
Posted by alastair john jack 5th September, 2008
Rated :

This is absolutely amazing!
Posted by -Nick- 26th September, 2008


I swear this game will be finished one day

Hopefully it will be my project once Project: Roller Coaster is complete. It was purely put on hold because of the wait for HWA.
Posted by [EclektiK] 31st October, 2008

Link is not working





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