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Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls
Author: Le Woltaire Submitted: 2nd February, 2007 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 72

Edited By Le Woltaire on 2/6/2007


This is the second part of the Earl Bobby Adventure trilogy.
The worlds most famous scottish Earl continues his quest for the sense of life. And this time he is looking for something even more important than his shoes. This time he is looking for his balls...yes, his balls.


After Earl Bobby succeeded in finding his shoes, comb, kilt, golf clubs, car and ultimately the way there, he happily reached the Glenfiddich Golf Club to pursue one of his favorite diversions: Playing golf.

But soon he recognizes that his destiny to lose important items has followed him: One of his balls gets robbed by a bird. When he tries to search for it, he soon gets involved in a complex plot, in which he has to face the famous golf player Tiger Woody in a tournament.

Baron Mucki the millionaire and Lula Hankingfire the young nymphomaniac will surely help him to win the contest. But this isn't enough. He will have to solve lots of weird puzzles to finally find his balls.

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 (14000 kkb )

Posted by The Chris Street 3rd February, 2007


Better description required, and screenshots in their own windows is good too.

I'm also not entirely convinced you made this.
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd February, 2007

Ok scratch that, I do believe you made it.
Posted by Phredreeke 5th February, 2007

Posted by Nioreh 7th February, 2007

Wich of course in futurespeak is...

Odd graphics style, very original and pretty cool.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th February, 2007

I love the graphics in the screenshots, I'll download when I get home.
Posted by yuyu 9th February, 2007

Im only the 3rd person to download this?? How can that be right? How can this not be on the front page? Im so confused?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 12th February, 2007

Yeah I can't believe neither of these games got on the front page. Maybe then more people would've noticed them and downloaded.
Posted by yuyu 12th February, 2007

Is it just me or is the community here a little close minded.
Posted by ben mercer 17th February, 2007

Well it wasnt exactly subtle to begin with...

This looks... horrific.
Posted by thewreck 17th February, 2007

i do like the screenshots and the music, but the game really suffers from the adventure game engine... im my opinion.

the controls are so outdated its paining me to play.. =(
Posted by Oma Knuut 17th February, 2007

Hi, I liked this game very much.
I just finished it and it was grat.

For all those who had problems with the controls:
Check out the shortcuts in the manual.
They helped me a lot.





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