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Masters of Sound
Author: Le Woltaire Submitted: 6th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 78

Edited By Le Woltaire on 2/6/2007

Masters of Sound is a freeware PC point-and-click adventure. The first version of this game has been released in April 2004.


The game plays in a distant period of our future: In the year 103752 AD mankind has discovered that the structure of the universe is based on sound. If played poperly, the sound produced by an instrument can move objects without physical force, it can allow travel through time and space, and it can even destroy whole planets.

For thousands of years the Universal Guild of Music has perfected these abilities, which depend not only on the instrument but also on the player. They used their abilities to influence the universe positively. But they also kept them in secret in order to avoid any form of abuse.

The pupils of the guild must face difficult tests and study for years before they become masters. These measures are necessary to disallow evil-minded persons from getting access to the guild. This has worked flawlessly for centuries. Until now.

Tritonus, who is a master of sound at the guild, has gone mad and wants to destroy the universe by using a gigantic weapon that he has constructed: The universal Tuning Fork. Only Knollo a young music student is able to stop him by playing his Horn of Resonance.

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Posted by -Liam- 7th February, 2007

Wow! What an incredible game! I simply love the graphics! Especially the map screen! They story is very unique and interesting, too! You seem to have gotten some great ideas down here. Congratulations! Though I am shamed to say that I can't really play it as I hate point and click games... Still, that being said I absolutely love it. Well done!
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 9th February, 2007

Looks nice

Posted by Bo Fu 10th February, 2007

Played through it and finished it. I had to use a walkthrough, but it was a fun little game, and as a composer and brass instrumentalist myself, I enjoyed it a great deal.





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