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Earl Bobby is looking for his Shoes
Author: Le Woltaire Submitted: 2nd February, 2007 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 147

Edited By Le Woltaire on 2/28/2007


This is the first part of the Earl Bobby trilogy.
It is a short point and click adventure about an old scottish earl who lives in an old castle in the scottish highlands, and maybe about the sense of life...

It is deep midnight in the scottish highlands and Earl Bobby is wandering nervously around. He knows that he has an important conference the next day. That's why he needs his shoes. He can't leave the house without his shoes.

You will have to solve some freaky puzzles to finally find them. In the end there is a surprise waiting for you.
Help Earl Bobby to find his Shoes in his own castle!

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 (7000 kkb )

Posted by The Chris Street 3rd February, 2007

Better description please, and individual screenshots preferably. We won't accept otherwise.
Posted by Tim 6th February, 2007

This dude has a habit of losing things eh :\
Posted by Hugo B. 6th February, 2007

Wow, this is actually quite good! Like your graphics, are those partially 3D rendered? Anyway, the sound and music also add to the atmosphere, good job!! If i good only find those damn shoes...
Posted by MasterM 17th February, 2007

is this made with a click product? just wondering
Posted by JFrudy 17th February, 2007

i like the weird style, its nifty
Posted by Joshua M. 19th February, 2007

Hahaha, just finished it. It's pretty good
And for those who are wondering what it's made with, it's made with Adventure Game Studio.
Posted by Le Woltaire 28th February, 2007

I just added the talky version for this game.
I will release talkis for the other games as well later.





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