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Snow Lift
Author: @pe Submitted: 20th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 405

Here comes something to cool you guys of in the summer heat! The link will take you to my download page were you can download it.
"Hilarious" -

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Posted by @pe 20th June, 2002

click on screen to see it! :)
Posted by @pe 24th June, 2002

thanks a lot poke & gravy!
Posted by FlameCritter 26th June, 2002

i liek thus gaem
Posted by Chance Mitchell 5th July, 2002

its pretty cool as i am a member of moonlight studios rite @pe
Posted by Chance Mitchell 5th July, 2002

do u even no how to spell flamecritter lol!!!
Posted by Rhodesy 5th July, 2002

Do you Chance? rite = Right, u = You.. :P bah, forget it
Posted by AfterStar 5th July, 2002

Very simple graphics! "Time-waster" game(in its good sense)!I play it time to time when i'm really bored! Make some more of this!
Posted by Michael 6th July, 2002

mmm, hamburgers
Posted by 6th July, 2002

i can't download
Posted by Kramy 6th July, 2002

This is going to sound awful. Oh, and Tigerworks, I'm a coder. skn3: You can do all those things in TGF PRO, minus whatever that bug is that 'ruins' games. I've been using MMF for a couple months now, and I can't get used to the event editors. They're so buggy, and distracting. I love programming, and programming just sucks in MMF, so I don't enjoy it. TGF is much better for programming in my opinion. I found two bugs in the MMF event editors in the first day. 1) When doing calculations, it won't let me type in code! If I type in something, it says syntax error, but if I go through the time consuming process of locating calculation bits from objects, and internal functions, it works. I've tested this by typing in code, and then slowly making the code the same code in a different event. I then compare it, and though they are the same, the hand-made pieces don't work. 2) Lots of code from TGF doesn't work in MMF 1.5. It converts it just fine, but if I change ANYTHING, it doesn't work anymore. And then there are other bugs... TGF PRO 16Bit's import function doesn't work after installing MMF 1.5. BEWARE!! TGF PRO 16Bit's collision changed after installing MMF 1.5. Now objects get stuck in other active objects less, but now I have to change my coding since I designed games in TGF PRO 16bit so they don't get stuck in active objects, and now there are bugs. TGF PRO 32Bit's scrolling changed after installing MMF 1.5. Good for scrolling, since I can now scroll in 640X480 resolution without slow down(just like 320X200! :)), but there are ways to code scrolling to get around this. And anoyances... Multiple editors is even harder to use than just one. Makes coding confusing because you have to flip from one to the other. Picture editor sucks!(sorry, but it does) It's harder to use than Paint Shop Pro, and does less..... I've never had to use more than 3 alterable values. Anyone that does for a simple platform game with 10 or so weapons, numerous levels/worlds, and tons of monsters, doesn't know easy ways to get around 3 alterable values. Benefits... Can convert avis to active objects to make 2D look-like 3D objects.....oh wait, I could do this with TGF since I have software to convert avis to gifs which used to be able to be loaded into TGF, but now they don't work since MMF 1.5 was installed...... The animation editor is great. User animations! :) ________________ I didn't find any bugs in TGF till MMF 1.5 was installed. I've been able to do almost everything I can in MMF, in TGF. Only things I can't do in TGF is things that MMF-only objects do,(like Mode 7ex) which people refuse to convert into TGF. Tigerworks: nice screenshot, it doesn't look messy, but I still feel TGF's is better since it has less bugs/shortcuts. After all, like some people here for MMF argue, MMF is more professional, so it should technically have LESS shortcuts, not more to make it easier on the user, so that childish people like me will like it more.... ________________ Other Stuff... Lots of the 'shortcuts' in MMF 1.5 seem to ruin whatever I'm doing. Object editing is anying. Instead of giving it all to you in one box, you have to either... a) find the explore from here choice b) select an option from a fairly long list (10+ choices, 13 usually) c) double click on something.... gee, wonder why they separted all those from a simple one or two choices... event editor....looks more ugly....I find it's easier to corrupt code or add stuff I don't want since all those 'shortcuts' make it 'easier' to code. Usually every 30 or so minutes I'll hit Ctrl+Z in TGF, but in MMF, I find alot of the time I don't notice since my version(1.5) doesn't seem to give any hints if I'm accidentally dragging something somewhere.(Don't even ask me how it gets caught on the mouse when I don't click.) So after I make something in MMF, I run it, search for whatever bug is causing numerous problems, and then I run it again, and again, and again, until I catch all the bugs.....much easier in TGF. Usually I'm bug-free in it. Reason I bought MMF: I figured "hey, 10000 objects it alot nicer, and that active picture object sounds neat." Actually, those were the only two major reasons I bought it. t0nAd0: I'm learning perl, but don't have a perl compiler, so I'm kind of stopped on that at the moment... Oh, and for new people out there, the insert object list in MMF is alphbetically organized. Took me almost a day to figure that out, it was so confusing since there were about 60 objects, and for some reason they decided to change almost all the pictures for objects, and a bunch of the names.... Default layout? No more! Make your layout, and save it as something like 'My layout.cca', and load it manually everytime you want to make something, so you have a layout pre-made! Yay! Tigerworks: "Caderay, MMF keeps the interface you last left it off with." I think I found a bug then....may layout isn't saving! Well, there's what I thought as I read though the posts. I'm sticking with TGF for complex coding, like making map editors, and fully-functional platform games. One feature I would like in TGF though, is a higher object limit. Then I wouldn't have to devise ways to get around it. Adios! Kramy
Posted by Kramy 6th July, 2002

Ack, why's that there!? I posted that in the other area, not here!
Posted by This Guy 21st July, 2002

The Daily Click needs more reviewers like ashman. He gives his opinion and uses constructive critism rather than bashing the game's author. and after reading his review i also decided not to waste my time downloading this game! :P






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