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Review: Snow Lift
Author: Poke & Gravy
Added: 20/06/2002

In my opinion, what I would call a great goof-off game...not something u spend a lot of time playing but something u play a few rounds of whenever you're bored.

PRESENTATION (7)-The graphics are not excellent, but they are also not trying to be anything they're not, so they work for the game. What brings it down to a not-too-bad seven is actually the text and background...the gradience of the background is sort of in stripes, not gradual...but maybe KNP or GF can't do the gradual changes. I also think the text showing the score and shots could be a little less generic perhaps, or instead of saying shots left show a picture of a snowball. Other than these little complaints I'd have to say I have no problem with the graphic simplicity.

GAMEPLAY (9)-Quite simple, but fun, challenging, and does the job. This game has a creative idea and the mouse control fulfills the needs of that idea perfectly...sometimes it is a little awkward because the target cannot reach the actual lift but for the most part I have no trouble with the gameplay. Also, the time and shots left are fair and work perfectly.

LASTABILITY(10)-Lastability gets a 10, I can see myself pulling this game out if I have a minute or two to kill, and I don't think I would get sick of it because it is simply a goof-off game.

OVERALL (-Nice job! Simple, fun, short! I'd like to see this creator make more goof-off games with some improved graphics and more creative ideas!


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