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Review: Snow Lift
Author: Ashman
Added: 07/07/2002

Though obvious from the marking that I don't like this game, I'll try to be as constructive as possible.

For a game with this much hype, it is not as good as people are told.

Sound : My favourite part of the game. The AHHHH screaming had me in fits for some reason. Good work here.

Gameplay : Dull. Unfortuantely the concept itself doesn't allow for much variety in the gameplay. Maybe if a two player mode was added so you had to try and beat your friends. Even that wouldn't help much, but unfortunately I believe you chose a very limited idea.

Graphics/Presentation : Also not brilliant. I can't really talk in this department as my graphics aren't too good, but the house, the skiers, the snow, the gun. All are far too basic. Also it was strange that it went STRAIGHT into the game instead of having a title screen. You may want to work on that.

Lastablility : I have played this game three times. Once when I got it, and twice whilst doing this review. It never changes and isn't really much fun so theres no need to play again and again.

Overall : Too improve this game add or change the following -
-Title Screen
-Make a two player mode.
-Some how make the actual gameplay a little more random.
-Graphics. Practice them and then redraw.

A good attempt but not very successful. Good Luck with later games.


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