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Peblo's Pre-Tour
Author: Peblo Submitted: 22nd February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Interactive Fiction Downloads: 173

Edited By Peblo [Ectoprods] on 2/22/2007

This is Pre-Tour. It's actually 2 games in 1 zip. These are some games I made for some contests, except I forgot to enter one.

You play as internet boy trying to stop a one man terrorist group from putting some md5 hashes into a device x to get some passwords! Any similarities to actual one man terrorist groups is purely coincidental.

Control-Shoot platforms... I guess?
Arrow keys- Default platform movement

OBJECTIVE: Shoot the X to close down a folder, which apparently will shut down device x.

TIME SPENT: 1/2 hour.

PLACE TAKEN: Forgot to enter actually.


A young boy named Pie was wandering on AIM one day before he found Peblo. Peblo made a game out of a chat room discussion and submitted it to TK and later to TDC. This is interactive drama, feel your life being influenced by convincing protagonists, and devious antagonists.

Shift: Quite honestly I don't know what the controls are half the time, though shift is usually jump.
Control: Usually fire
Arrow keys: Usually move.

OBJECTIVE: Get to the white screen of death!

TIME SPENT: About a week, a level a day.



Why is this labeled Pre-Tour? All hype for my upcoming game called Peblo's Tournament, which probably won't have any similarities to these two fine games, besides absolute genius. I'd also like input on some other level ideas for that pie game. And thumbs.

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Posted by Peblo 22nd February, 2007

JPG'd for quality.
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd February, 2007

Wow look at that effort
Posted by Peblo 22nd February, 2007

It's actually kinda hard to put effort into a entry for a "Total Shit" competition, if you can believe it.
Posted by Tim 22nd February, 2007


This game looks scary
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd February, 2007

Peblo: I know, I was being sarcastic.
Posted by Kazuma 22nd February, 2007

Wow, two downloads, seven votes. Amazing. o.O
Posted by Peblo 23rd February, 2007

Circy: I know, I was being sarcastic.
Posted by steve 23rd February, 2007

"Arrow keys- Default platform movement"

^^ Might explain the votes people are casting without actually downloading. Although I am neither going to download nor vote - even thougb the screenshots look interesting.
Posted by Peblo 24th February, 2007

Steve: The competition was to make a game with the default movement dude.
Posted by AndyUK 24th February, 2007


Purposly making bad games has become an art form.
Posted by 26th February, 2007

really bad, sorry
Posted by Peblo 27th February, 2007

Then I made the game right.
Posted by Deathbringer 27th February, 2007

In the Doom community, a purposely bad map with silly scripting or billions of monsters has become known as a "jokewad". This looks like the craze (infection?) has jumped to Klik
Posted by Peblo 27th February, 2007

Purposely bad games have been around longer than Doom has.
Posted by Bricnic 27th February, 2007

Nothing has been around longer than Circy has.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd March, 2007

his parent?
Posted by Bibin 19th March, 2007

Posted by MBK 16th February, 2008

Hmm ... I made a decent little game with the built-in movement of TGF ... and if I ever get around to looking for a file hosting service ... maybe i'll even post it.

I'm gonna dl this, I like to see junky klik games for some reason. I guess so I can laugh at the creator for making a "purposely bad game".

Posted by MBK 16th February, 2008

hmm ... both games are Noobicus to the Maximus !
Yay ! ... but, the one made with TGF is more exciting, especially when ya get to the white screen of death ... i love that part ..

Does the hacker game have more than one level ? .. I revealed a 200 with that platform shot, but then couldn't go anywhere or do anything.
Posted by Peblo 19th February, 2008

huh... no don't play the hacker one it doesn't do anything





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