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Green wash1.7
Author: bobshishka Submitted: 21st June, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 130

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Green Wash 1.5

This is the sequel to my earlier game Green Wash
The earlier game had a few bugs and was in another language. So I decided to make a new version where all that was fixed
Basically the new features are as follows
You can control the rate at which the screen moves by using W-key to speed up and S-key to speed down.
Also the buttons/instructions are no longer in German.
Finally the glitch of you jumping straight up after hitting an object is fixed.


Left/right= left right arrows
Space=stop current movement
W/s speed/slow down screen speed

Hints- pressing space rapidly allows you to hover
Increasing the screen speed in midair increases jump range

Object= get to the end of the level without hitting the edge or obstacles

You will receive the password for the current level at the beginning of the level

Ps. This time Iíve fixed the bugs you guys commented about, thanks all

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Posted by Aptennap 23rd June, 2007

Man i suck at this game, i am already game over when the game just starts, and i dont even do anything.
Posted by Zezard 23rd June, 2007

I like the graphic style. But it's very frustrating that there are no checkpoints (as far as I got).

It is always a pain in the ass when you get pretty far and then have to start all over again.

As simple game as this one should not be so hard, I think... Unique style though...
Posted by Introversity 23rd June, 2007

Terrible sprites, horrible gameplay, as far as I'm aware the password system is faulty, and it's too difficult to do basic things like jumping up a set up stairs because if you hit the stair then you will lose horizontal movement.

It's an ok concept, though.
Posted by Ricky 24th June, 2007

its a good concept with proper graphics, but i'm sorry, it has a terrible engine which removes any fun from this game, i'm sorry
Posted by DaVince 28th June, 2007

Using bugs in the default movement as a feature





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