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Well, here's my first ever game: Mercenaries. This is the game I entered for the competition. Let's see what happens with that.

Also, keep in mind that its not as long as it was originally intended to be. Actually, it shouldnt take you guys long to finish if you know what to do.

The game has customizable controls and every key is used. The layout is like a playstation controller so that should be easy to understand. Ill tell you what the keys do, even tho it is explained in the tutorial in the game:

arrow keys: move character
square: use skill 1
triangle: use skill 2
circle: use skill 3
x: pick items
R1: goto upgrade screen
L1: reload
select: goto inventory
start: pause menu / save menu *when standing near a safe*

Other than that, it has an mp3 player built-in. It was, I admit, made so I didnt have to make any music for the game. Well, cause Im not good at that and considering the fact that I had a month to make it playable, it seemed like the smart thing to do. So you can make a playlist and listen to your favorite music while playing the game. It can be minimized, closed, reopened during runtime. It should also be quite easy to understand.

Saving and Loading.

Upgrading your characters. Originally, I intended for the game to have 5 playable characters and a deeper story line but the filesize limit and the time limit prevented me from doing so. For now, there are only 2 playable characters and each has his skills which can be upgraded. Just know that skill2 of each character isnt very useful right now so dont bother wasting money on it Also, you can upgrade your character to quicken reload times and to increase ammo capacity of the weapon he wields.

Inventory system with puzzle elements. The game's items are kinda inspired from the resident evil games where you have to get and use items to get through the game. The same is the case with this one. You have to use various items (16, if im not mistaken) to get through the game.

The AI, im afraid, isnt very advanced but it works. I put the enemies into the game in the last remaining hour of the competition.

The story's simple. Your mercenary team has gone missing in the frozen north of the country. You must find what happened to them and whats going on there. I'm afraid the story will progress further in newer episodes of the game, that is to say, if you like the game, which will then encourage me to make newer episodes. Also, keep in mind, that there were originally meant to be 4 cutscenes but due to the restraints mentioned above, I was unable to complete them. Hmm...maybe later.

mode7 team
We are good enough, the band for sound effects for the fonts
and to google, for being the answer to everything

Keyboard now works when mp3 player is running.


Install the game by running Install32.exe and dont just run it by going to the 'win32' folder and running mercenaries.exe. After installing to a directory you prefer, you can then run it from there properly or from the start menu.

I repeat, do not just run it from win32 folder as it will NOT run. Install it (install32.exe). thanks. Also, close any programs such as Skype (anything that plays sounds or has something to do with it).

I also recommend playing the tutorial first.

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Posted by steve 2nd January, 2008

it froze when the wolf appeared on screen
Posted by DaVince 2nd January, 2008

No rapidshare! You'll lose your file pretty quickly (1 or 2 weeks?) and you make people wait and look at ads for a minute.
Posted by \/\/olf 2nd January, 2008

To Steve:

That's very strange. Did the wolf howl sound play?

To DaVince (Ectoprods)

Well, do you have any other suggestions?
I took your suggestion and uploaded it somewhere you dont have to wait. There you go, now you can download and not wait
Comment edited by \/\/olf on 1/4/2008
Posted by \/\/olf 2nd January, 2008

It takes a lil while after the howl to go to the main menu. about 2-4 secs probably.
Posted by s-m-r 2nd January, 2008

@steve: same thing happened to me. but once you extract the files, use the installer. maybe if you move the EXE file to the root directory of the game, it will work, but using the installer puts everything in the proper place.

but I've encountered another problem...once I customize the controls and begin the game, my controls don't respond. I set the movement buttons to the cursor keys, and the other buttons to the ZXCASD buttons. Select and Start are 1 and 2, respectively.

Any ideas as to why I'm not having any response after the first cutscene begins?
Posted by \/\/olf 2nd January, 2008

Did you click save changes and also select keyboard?

I just checked it out. It seems that if you close the mp3 player, everything will work. But thats very very strange considering the fact that it will work fine with a joypad. Meaning you dont have to close the mp3 player if you play with a joypad...ill get to fixing this particular error.
Comment edited by \/\/olf on 1/2/2008
Posted by \/\/olf 3rd January, 2008

Right, I found out what the problem was. Thanks for posting it. I uploaded the file again without that bug so now you can play with the keyboard without having to shut down the mp3 player
Posted by danko 3rd January, 2008

Sadly for me the game freeze when the wolf appeared on screen and no sound is played,maybe the Dmc2 extension crash the game ?

Also your game remember me my own project that have Mercs fighting evil forces of course is not the same of your game in terms of graphical quality (my ugly sprites) and gameplay etc..

Please fix the game,thanks in advance
Comment edited by danko on 1/3/2008
Posted by \/\/olf 3rd January, 2008

ahh, did you try using the setup?? cause that will happen if you just run mercenaries.exe and not install the game first. i believe its called install32.exe. Run that, and install it somewhere. Then run the game from the start menu or from where you installed it.
Comment edited by \/\/olf on 1/3/2008
Posted by danko 4th January, 2008

Yes i have used first the setup but forget it because it was my fault because the files were not all unziped and I had not paid attention

So i play the game and i find it very nice but i cannot figure how use the Lighter

I have visited the Church and the two others huts but after i am stuck : ( can you help me please ?

Thanks in advance
Posted by \/\/olf 4th January, 2008

well, use it on the painting of the jewel and thanks for the good comments
Posted by Cecilectomy 14th January, 2008
Rated :

dude i love the game. not the rendered gfx so much though.

its got quite a few bugs as well.

there seems to be some graphical glitches and the second part with the big chocolate(?) scorpion just didnt let me to anything. i wanna make this syle of game now lol.

but i loved the effort and was fun for a bit
Posted by \/\/olf 22nd January, 2008

thanks a lot Image did you end it though? i wanted to make sure that the item puzzles werent very hard. haha, and the rendered graphics were only used cause i dont know how to sprite. so i just had to resort to 3d modelling, animating and rendering.

and wt do you mean the scorpion doesnt let you do anything? you cant evade the attacks? ill look into it. and as for the graphical glitches, i cant seem to figure out whats causing them.

as for the chocolate frog, lol, i didnt mean for it to look that way but i didnt have the time to make a detailed scary looking scorpion. its not even textured. i'd love to complete the game and polish out the rough edges. you're welcome to join me and help me if you wish.
Comment edited by \/\/olf on 1/22/2008





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