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Kaiser Character Generator
Author: \/\/olf Submitted: 17th January, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 485

Edited By \/\/olf on 1/17/2009

I was looking through old files on my PC and I found this. Its a character generator I made for the rmxp forums a few years ago. However, it will work with non-RMXP type characters as well. The interface is simple and quite easy to use. Hopefully, someone can make good use out of it.

The download already comes with a few sprites itself but more can be added easily.

1. Installation
Just unzip it somewhere.

2. Menu
Look at the first Screenshot. I have tried to make it as simple as possible.

3. Adding more Folders
Just copy one of the two sample folders (kaiser male & female) and rename it. The new folder will show up in the folder selection menu.
Add/Edit/replace the files within the new folder to create your own characters.

If you people like this, please try to contribute back my posting sprite bases and accessories for them. That way it will make it easier for people who can only code to create games.

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Posted by MBK 17th January, 2009

I've been waiting for something like this .... I'm gonna test it out and see if it lives up to my expectations.

Posted by erghhhhx 18th January, 2009
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Gah, why don't the male have a penis?!! =/ Scares me..

..Good thing, though. I'm not sure I would use this, but I'll keep it just in case.
Posted by \/\/olf 18th January, 2009

Haha, toxic avenger you want to see penises?
Posted by W3R3W00F 18th January, 2009
Rated :

Tox your sick. >_<

I have to say this game is pretty good as far as character makers go! One suggestion I have though is that the females wear bras. It looks pretty sick without them.
Posted by \/\/olf 18th January, 2009

Haha, thanks. I didnt make the sprites though. Waittt! Did you just say females look bad without bras??? Image
Comment edited by \/\/olf on 1/18/2009
Posted by lembi2001 18th January, 2009
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This is pretty cool and quite useful for people like me who cant draw for squat!!! Where can i get other sprite sheets from to make this more flexible?
Posted by Muz 18th January, 2009
Rated :

Wow, I like!
Posted by W3R3W00F 18th January, 2009
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"Waittt! Did you just say females look bad without bras???"

Well, kinda. Anyways, I think this could be real handy for anyone who doesn't know how to draw. I like et muches. :3
Posted by lembi2001 18th January, 2009
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Currently putting together a prite pack for this if anyone is interested? Credits will be included for the HKCP team so if you use any of the sprites they must be credited accordingly.

Will provide a link or this when i have sorted it out.
Posted by W3R3W00F 18th January, 2009
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Ya kno, It might not be a bad idea to make more sprites for this. IDK, just a suggestion.
Posted by Bo Fu 20th January, 2009

You do realize that he did not make the sprites themselves, right? Kaiser is a guy on the RPG Maker XP forums who released his own sprite templates and encouraged people to use them as bases.

That's not anything negative about this application, but people should know it so they don't pester the author about inane crap like sprites not having penises and bras.
Posted by \/\/olf 20th January, 2009

haha, I dont mind really. But yes, Bo Fu is right and I don't take any credit for the sprites. When you open the program, it says sprites by kaizer.
Posted by W3R3W00F 21st January, 2009
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Hm. Still it would be pretty fun to make extra accessories for them.
Posted by steve 22nd January, 2009
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yea, quite good^^





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