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Link's Awakening Engine
Author: Devernath Submitted: 14th March, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 399

This was intended to be a fangame of Link's Awakening, as of now, I'm kinda tired of it and currently remains a beta. I may finish it soon

It has accurate Sword and Shield functions, you can hit/push enemies YET still get if hit from behind.

Push blocks, just like the game!

Pick up and throw bombs, and they DO fall in holes/water!
Same with Pots!

Fall in holes and drown in water!

Upgrade your max hearts, AND empty hearts ARE shown!

Roc's Feather works, and is just as convincing in game!

Upgrade your sword!

550 events! 10 inventory items! (Shield,Bombs,Bow,Boomerang,Power Bracelet, Roc's Feather, Ember seeds, Flippers, Invincibility potion, and Magic Wand)

Sounds and graphics from game.

NOTE: To swim, equip the Flippers. The Flippers also change your max speed and allow to walk through coal unscathed.

Please tell me what you think! I'm quite happy with it. I checked vigorously for bugs, but please report if you find any.

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Posted by Raverider 15th March, 2008
Rated :

Good work, though I don't have an american keyboard, so I couldn't use inventory at all. The finnish keybaord that I'm using has and instead of [ and ].
Posted by Torava 15th March, 2008

Just press Shift + Alt to change keyboard layot. It could help.
Posted by Airflow 17th March, 2008
Rated :

meh, My fat Santa game had over 1024 events (TGF cannot display more, so they gotta go in groups)

It's pretty rock solid though - I like that.

Controls should be easier though, or better pointed out. You need a text engine so you can read signs and talk to people. I think that's the next thing you gotta do. Also, couldn't you pick up grass in LA? I'm not sure but in most Zelda games you can.

You should put in an inventory so you can select items more easily.
Posted by MBK 17th March, 2008

This is nice, but what good is an Engine posted if we can't learn from it ?

It's not a game, so we can't play through it, nor is it a screensaver or application of use.

And everyone who has played a Zelda game knows of the ideas contained within.

Can you please upload an opensource version ?

MMF and TGF2 can read .gam files.

Posted by Devernath 17th March, 2008

I will post an updated version soon, with open source, and signs. Maybe even a scroller too, and some enemy dynamics.

And yes, you CAN pick up grass too, it's a real pain to do it, but I guess I could do it in my next update.

I might also do an Inventory system (if its not too much of a pain) and organize my events into groups.

I didn't know TGF could only do 1,024 events. Thanks for telling me.

I'll keep you posted
Posted by Reno 18th March, 2008

Dont ever use rapidshare again please!

I was thinking about making a windwaker fangame similar to this style engine
Posted by MBK 18th January, 2009

Where's that opensource you promised us ?

I want to see how pretty your code looks

Posted by Nicholasbeason 26th January, 2009

Same here.





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